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Covid tests, Christmas trees, and my last ever term 1 at Warwick

I’ve always been a bit of a drama queen, and lose no opportunity to make the most out of every small moment, even if it is just my last term 1 at Warwick. Despite still having two more grueling terms to go, I seem to have got all emotional about it being my last Christmas at university, especially because I don’t plan on doing a masters here. Like most people, I would argue term 1 is the best term at university: you’ve got the excitement of a new year, a lack of major exam/ essay deadline pressure, and of course, the build up to Christmas, which makes those final few weeks all the more lovely, even if you are slowly losing the will to keep studying and logging on to Teams…

I mean, I’ve even grown fond of Warwick’s infamously MiNiMaLiSt tree, which may or may not have disappointed me in first year, when I went to the rather dull “light-turning-on-ceremony.” Now, its just another reminder that it is all coming to an end. I suppose what’s even nicer about the tree this year is the fact that its been in a different place every year I’ve been at Warwick, thanks to the endless construction work that university campuses are famous for….

This has obviously been such a weird start to my final year, with everything up in the air. Although I am glad I am not a first-year, whose entire university experience is getting weirder by the day, it was a bit sad to not do all the typical Warwick-university-student Christmas preparations, like going to the Birmingham Christmas Markets, seeing the lights up in Leamington, and going to some overpriced restaurant for a Christmas dinner with the flat. However, that’s not to say it wasn’t a nice end to the term. I certainly enjoyed how Warwick Christian Union teamed up with the Acapella Society to deliver a festive box of mince pies and decorations to any house in Coventry or Leamington, which were supposed to be eaten whilst listening to a live stream of carols. Moreover, due to all the restrictions, it made all the little decorations, lights and Christmas trees just a little bit more special. Even though my house did not manage to organise a full Christmas dinner, we celebrated in our own way with cheese and board games night.

This is not to say that I am sad about term coming to an end. It’s been a long slog, especially with all the Covid restrictions and the online classes, so thankfully, after two negative Covid tests, I am back home in Surrey.

As everyone is probably aware, university students were treated to two lateral-flow Covid tests before finishing the semester, in order to lessen the chaos of the mass-exodus over Christmas. Despite initially refusing to book them, as I was scared (lol), my flatmates successfully bullied me into doing them, even though I had to force my flatmate to accompany me both times for moral support. Dramatics aside, the tests were fine, thanks to the wonderfully supportive medical students who administered them, and I got my results within an hour both time. And, thankfully, I was able to return home and see my sweet dog, Wilbur…

So yes! A term of two halves: the stress and the tears, as well the wonderful memories and nostalgia! Because final year is an emotional one, especially if you’re like me, and you make everything dramatic with “this is the last time…” For now, I am focusing on the rest-and-recovery side of the university vacation, with lots of sleep and indulgence, and hopefully by the time January rolls around, I’ll have mustered the strength to attempt all the essays and presentations I need to submit before the start of next semester. Wish me luck!

In the meanwhile, merry Christmas, and a happy new year to all who read this blog (hey Mum!) and let’s all hope 2021 is slightly more tolerable.

Catherine xx

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