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Coventry – City of Culture, Character and Cars

A couple of weeks ago Coventry celebrated it’s motor history by holding their annual festival cunningly named: ‘MotoFest’.

Held over a weekend, the festival brings together elements of the car industry old and new to celebrate their long history of designing and producing cars which dates back to the 19th Century and continues to this day.


The ring-road (a road that creates a ring round the city centre) was shut-off so that they could race fast cars along it, there were motobikes doing wheelies, opportunities to ride in the new Land-Rovers, music, food and fairground rides to enjoy. It felt like the whole city got involved in some way or another.

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Fair ground

The festival was started by someone at my Church as a way of loving the city and giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy Coventry together. I know very little about cars, but I went along as an ambassador to help give out information, answer questions and generally make sure people were okay and having a good time.

It was hard for me to appreciate the cars but I loved seeing the whole city out together, young and old, from all kinds of different backgrounds, smiling, having a good time together – it felt like a real community moment.

Coventry isn’t the nicest city in the UK (insert obligatory joke about the nicest city being the place I come from), but like all good cities it wants to improve and has heaps of character – a character that I have come to love and appreciate after my three years here.

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