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Coventry City of Culture 2021!

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

This year our lovely local Coventry is bidding to be the UK City of Culture for 2021 and we’re all behind it! So this is a post dedicated to why Coventry should win the bid (the winner is revealed next week!) and things we can all do to help.

What is the City of Culture?

The City of Culture competition is run by the department of Digital Culture Media and Sport every four years with the winning city hosting one of the largest cultural events in the UK! Other than winning a fantastic opportunity to host an incredible event, becoming the City of Culture opens up so many doors for everyone living and working in the city. Students will be given more opportunities for jobs and better prospects than ever before, as well as a thriving city centre making its mark as an unforgettable place; a city to be proud of.

Why Coventry?

Coventry has a wealth of history and both traditional and modern culture links. Having been named as the UK’s capital city TWICE in history, it is no wonder that Coventry finally wants to make its mark in history once again. Coventry is most well-known for being the centre of the motor industry, offering a huge range of job opportunities to students from across the country, as well as having the original workers who are so passionate about the business they’ve been part of for years.

The amazing cultural opportunities are also reason to vote for Coventry to be the City of Culture. From the Warwick Arts Centre to the Belgrade Theatre there are so many places to get involved with all things ‘cultural’ in the city. Winning this would give Coventry the chance to both enhance the incredible places we already have, and also invent and create new opportunities for the future.

There are so many ways the city is getting involved, from shows at the theatre to special exhibits through all the galleries. We can all support the city too by visiting these events and posting about them on social media! For example, you can post about the amazing things Coventry has to offer by tweeting about it using #ThisisCoventry and following @Coventry2021 on Twitter!

Let’s all keep updated with the results and carry on visiting events and sharing our experiences to try and make Coventry a winner!

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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