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Courses at Queen’s (GSD Year Abroad Module Choices)

Meredith Whiting
Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

Hey everyone! I’m starting to write about my thoughts and experiences relating to GSD and Sociology modules, and thought I’d kick it off with the modules I’m taking this semester (first term) at Queen’s. Whilst my aim in picking modules was to be related to what I study back at Warwick, I really wanted to make use of the diversity and interdisciplinarity of courses in Canada, and take modules that wouldn’t be available when I get back home. I’ve also been hoping for some inspiration for my dissertation next year – but still waiting to see for that!

These are the four courses I’m taking for the fall semester:

LLCU 327 – Sickness and Health: Cultural Representation in Medical Discourse

When I’d arrived in Kingston, I wasn’t sure how to fill my last module choice before choosing a Language, Literature, and Culture module to do so. I don’t think I would have expected to be studying something like this, but it tied in really well with my second year modules (incoming post on that soon!) and even linked in with internship opportunities I’m looking at for summer. Being able to study medicine from a social science perspective has been so interesting and the assessments have been diverse – we have a group presentation (ours is on the Contemporary Anti-Vaccine Movement), 2 blog posts about our work in class, and 2 tests (one midterm and one towards the end of the semester). Being a 300 level [equivilant to a third-year level] class I was worried about not having the background knowledge, coming from a very different sort of degree – but I needn’t have worried as there are students from all departments including nursing and other sciences, all through to humanities and language students.

DEVS 220 – Introduction to Aboriginal Studies

This class is referred to as Introduction to Indigenous Studies rather than Aboriginal for students and professors alike, and was one course I thought would be unique to Canada and really important to learn some of the history of the land that Queen’s is situated on. It’s been a really good way of gaining base knowledge of Indigenous peoples and culture, and been able to teach me new ways of critically engaging with history. The assessments have been good so far – two in-class tests, one book review, and a final paper still to come, with one critical assessment and self reflection of my history with Indigenous cultures, one that I didn’t even know I had before this course. 

DEVS 293 – Global Mental Health

GMH has been a topic I’ve wanted to study more of since my second year module Bodies, Health and Sustainable Development (GD204). Our lecturer has worked across the world including in Rwanda, El Salvador, and Canada and works with an NGO too. The topics have been diverse, ranging from economic impacts, to cultural treatment methods, and has really challenged a lot of the preconceptions I have about mental health. Our assessments have been interesting  – three small tutorial papers, one final research paper, and a group presentation – alongside a participation grade. 

SOCY 225 – Sociology of Globalization

I think so far, Sociology of Globalization has been my favourite module here. It’s covered such a variety of topics and really made me consider the different ways that globalization has affected my everyday life without realising it. The lectures have been really engaging and informative, and although there’s no tutorial or seminar, there’s a lot of class participation in lectures. We use such a variety of sources and are encouraged to analyse current globalization examples from the news as one of our assingments – alongside other papers and a midterm. If anyone is going to Queen’s and looking for a course to take for exchange – I’d really recommend this one!

I hope you’ve found this informative and fun to find out what sort of things can be studied at different universities! Let me know if you have any questions, and I’m more than happy to help and answer!

Meredith Whiting
Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith
  • Alice Cayzer

    I got accepted into Queens but how did you choose your modules?


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