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Course Reps and Being part of the SSLC

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

It is important that within every department and every course, students have the opportunity to provide feedback and their opinions on how the course is being run, this essentially is what enables a greater student satisfaction rate and that each student feels like they are recieivng quality education. Luckily, Warwick has implemented a system that enables this communication amongst students and faculty via a student representative system known as the SSLC (Student-Staff Liaison Committee). As course representatives, multiple meetings with members of faculty as well as the course representatives are hosted in a conference styled discussion and the various feedback about different areas of the course and modules are brought up and discussed. Minutes are recorded throughout the meeting, in order for both the reps and faculty present to be able to recall what was discussed. Each of the meetings are normally headed by one of the course representatives who chairing the meeting at the time. This method of feedback is a very effective way for the department to know what has been successful and what has been less successful, in terms of module and teaching styles of the lecturers. Coming from my own experience as a course representative this year, especially since the course I am taking up is a fairly new one, it is essential that the department head as well as lectures know what has been effective in lectures and module content, so they can adjust accordingly to ensure that students are benefiting the most from the lectures and is overall adding to the quality of the education they are receiving.

As a course representative myself, I have experienced both negative and positive aspects of being involved as an SLCC- in which it is very fulfilling and rewarding to be able to hear about your fellow course mates concerns and opinions on the way certain modules are being taught. On the other hand when conflicting interests arise- let’s just say there have been a number of heated arguments on our course group chat, however it is always understood and acknowledged that people have different opinions and some things others may find ineffective may be effective for others and vice versa. This is why is is essential that everyones opinions and concerns are taken into consideration, and all possibilities of bias are avoided.

I do find the SSLC system very much effective and this would not be possible without the efforts and openness of our department heads, as it is quite clear that most of the topics discussed during each meeting are thoroughly considered, and it is a very assuring to know that the department is always trying to make further improvements to reach the highest standard of education that Warwick as a University can offer.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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