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Course for students: Kickstart My Career

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This is a bit of a different post to normal, but I thought I would take the opportunity to share with everyone my experience taking the Kickstart My Career course created by Purpol Marketing. The course was created by interns at the company, including Warwick students, and offers an in-depth guide on how to boost your career prospects to the max. I was really grateful to be sent the course to test out and thought I would leave my thoughts on it here for anyone wanting to kickstart their career.

The course is laid out online in a number of classes and gives really helpful advice. To start with, you’re talked through some great ways of helping you choose a career path if you’re unsure on exactly what sector you belong in. This is based on your own unique skillset and personality. What I really loved about this section was the guidance on career path based on your Myers Briggs personality profile, and your DISC profile. This is a really insightful way to get a good idea of what careers are best suited to you. This section of the course also helps you evaluate your own personal strengths and weaknesses in a SWOT analysis. I personally found this really helpful, as it can often be hard to think about the things you are good at and those you need to work on.

Following this are the expected sections about how to craft a good CV and covering letter. This for me was really important, since I’m currently applying to a lot of jobs and internships, and it can sometimes be difficult to know how to make your application stand out from the rest. In the current climate, jobs are often hard to come by and overapplied for, so this section of the course has really helped me tweak my CV and the way I write my covering letters to help add some personality and pizazz to them.

I also found the section on dealing with rejection so reassuring. It’s unfortunately an inevitable part of the application process that you will get a few rejected applications. I recently got rejected from my perfect job, and instead of a phone call or email to explain why, I only received the word ‘unsuccessful’ on the job portal. This was a real blow to my self-esteem, and even after a lot of ice-cream I felt deflated when it came to returning to the job hunt. Thankfully, since completing the course, I’ve learned to deal with rejections in a much more positive way. I think it’s a real merit of this course that it highlights the mental health issues that can arise from rejected applications.

For me, what made this course so good was the fact that it was created by young people. Those who made it have been in the same situation as me, and are likewise looking to improve their own chances in the job market. To me, that sets this course apart from those that are made and delivered by big name businesses with little personality. The course is delivered through videos of individual interns speaking, which gives it a much more personal touch than courses I’ve taken in the past. I also appreciated the short quizzes at the end of each section, which invite you to stay alert throughout the process and make it much more interactive and enjoyable.

Overall, I can really recommend the Kickstart My Career Course. It’s full of concise and valuable information that I’m already putting into practise in my job hunt. The skills I have picked up are genuinely helpful, and I love the personality and relatability of the way it has been put together. If anyone is struggling to get past the application stage, or even need tips for the next big interview, this course is well worth your time!


PS: Warwick students can get 5% off the course using Kickstart5 (you’re welcome!)

Rebecca Preedy | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe Contact Rebecca
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