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Countryside vs city university?

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding which university you would like to attend is it location.

Generally most universities tend to be located within proximity of a city or large town, with some universities being located within the city centre itself and as a result not having a single large campus, London being the main example of this. Warwick University’s campus is more suburban, located about a 15-20 minute bus ride from Coventry city centre, with Leamington Spa a little bit further to the south. Unless you choose to venture outside of campus, you’re essentially in your own little bubble. While you do see children and families and people walking their dogs, the sight is far rarer than back home. It feels like its own little student community here.

What drew me to Warwick in particular was how surrounded by greenery it is. I literally look out of my bedroom window onto a field.

There are squirrels, ducks, herons, geese, foxes, badgers, moorhens, coots and rabbits everywhere. In the spring there are lots of little baby animals too. I saw a tiny baby bunny the other day and it made me very happy. While the geese can sometimes grumble at you if you come too close, so long as you treat the wildlife with respect, they will respect you. Getting to see the animals on walks to and from places can brighten up an otherwise ordinary day.

Because we’re largely in the countryside, the southern outskirts of campus are often incredibly quiet and peaceful, with not even the sounds of traffic in the distance. Going for walks is one of the best and most refreshing ways of taking a study break. There’s a particular route I like best – around the back of Sherbourne, behind the new sports centre, looping around the sports fields and then by the lake behind Bluebell.

Some details of the walks can be found below:    

When the weather is getting nicer and exams are drawing to an end, this is the perfect time to go exploring.

Of course there are benefits to being in the centre of a city, with shops, restaurants and everything else you need right on your doorstop. For me however, Warwick mixes the best of both worlds, with Coventry and Leamington being easily accessible by regular buses if I want to go out, which I don’t do particularly often. Honestly, I can’t wait for exams to be done so that I can go shopping!!!!! Coventry has a cinema, a HUGE Ikea, and basically every clothes shop I like, along with a really amazing Korean BBQ restaurant ❤

To that end, it’s probably a good thing that I have to travel to reach these places or else I’d have no money…


Ultimately, where you want to study is a personal choice, and there are of course many other factors to consider too especially in relation to accommodation, your course, etc. If you’re torn between a central city university or a more suburban campus, visit both. A university can advertise itself on paper, but you never really catch the vibe of a place until you visit. Be sure to search for the place that feels right.

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