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Countdown to Exams (& Tips!)

My first exam is on the 23rd of May (and my last is on the 6th June). At the time of writing, I have 11 days before that first exam. So not long! Uni appears to have become a balancing act of late, trying to organise time to fit in running businesses, sport, launching new things, revision, seeing mates, seeing family, more revision and sleep. It’s pretty hectic!

The weather helps though – everyone seems much happier now the sun’s out!

I’ve put together a few tips on managing time below. These work for me, but everyone works and learns in different ways – so if these don’t work for you, don’t worry!

1 – Plan out what you’re going to do and when at the start of the day. Most people seem to plan weeks ahead, that doesn’t work for me. I mean, who knows what’s going to be happening a few weeks from now?

2 – When you’re working on something, work on that and only that. It’s so easy to be surrounded by work from different modules or different projects etc… and dip in and out of them all. If you’ve planned to revise, say, probability then revise probability and only probability until you’re done!

3 – Take breaks. Tip number 3 is probably my favourite tip. Many of my friends have made the classic sweeping declaration that they’re ‘not going out again until after exams’ and are going to ‘work for 10 hours a day’. Unless you’re a superhero, these don’t work. It’s impossible to remain consistently productive for hours and hours on end with no break!

4 – Mix it up. I’ve got 7 exams over the next few weeks and so 7 modules to revise. Don’t stick to revising using the same method – mix it up else you’ll get so bored you’ll genuinely consider cleaning the kitchen.

5 – Don’t neglect the things you like doing! It comes back to this idea of productivity. If you’re not still playing football, acting, fencing or whatever it is you enjoy doing, then you’ll drive yourself mad with work.

These tips work for me, give them a go. I hope they work for you.

Now, I’m going to get back to revision. I’ve got a ‘value stream map’ for an ‘industrial air conditioning installation service’ staring at me…

Wish me luck,


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