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Corona: Surviving Lockdown 2 (Part B)

Continuing on from my previous blog (, this instalment hopes to cover other troubles which may arise from being in lockdown. Again. 

Random Sadness 

This might just be a me thing, but I haven’t been getting angry about lockdown. In fact, I think the rules have been too relaxed, yet every now and then I seem to get randomly sad. As this reflects my emotions in the first lockdown, I can only assume it’s a manifestation of lockdown stress and so it’s possibly the same for you. No-one likes a grump and being sad is a total waste of time (I never get anything done when I’m miserable), so it’s time to turn that frown upside down. Don’t hate me, but I actually really recommend exercising. I know, if it were a month ago, I would groan too, but hear me out. I recently rekindled a friendship with an old school chum, and they mentioned they had downloaded the NHS Couch to 5K app. If you knew this girl, you’d understand she was extremely anti-P.E., but she said the app was totally lifechanging. Now, as this blog post is not sponsored by the NHS (yet…), I’ll leave the story there, but she inspired me to go out running (I’m a long distancer, most definitely not a sprinter) and even on days when I really wouldn’t want to go because it’s been raining and I’m feeling as miserable as the winter weather, I’d force myself out (it does help that I was already dressed in leggings and a sports bra) and honestly, when I’d come home, I’d feel so much better. No one ever finishes a workout and regrets it. But hang on, I’m not telling you to grab your trainers and trek through mud. No. I’m simply encouraging you to walk your way out of a bad mood. Or dance. Or yoga it. Or box. Or do whatever you can to move for at least ten minutes to let those endorphins kick in (different research states different times but I’d say ten minutes of activity is doable, whatever level you’re at) and hopefully that’ll cheer you up. You might find me bizarre for not recommending doing something you love, but I find that when I’m sad, I don’t want to do anything. So, get moving, my friend. But don’t forget your feelings are absolutely valid and you’re allowed to be sad and everyone is every now and then. Just try to pick yourself up as soon as you can.

Lack of Hope

Well, at the time of writing, the vaccine was an elusive dream but now I’ve edited this to say that progress with having a tangible vaccine has moved forwards in leaps and bounds. Let that provide some hope! I realise that currently things aren’t looking great and it’s very difficult to see an end to this awful, awful situation, especially as we have entered another lockdown, but you mustn’t forget that there are people all over the world working to defeat this virus, so we can attempt to get back to a lifestyle as similar to before as we can. It’s also very hard being isolated and studying from home, trust me, but things are getting better and right now we just have to be hopeful and have faith in the scientists and leading figures who are doing their best to tackle the pandemic.

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