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Corona: Scrub

With the current situation going on, general levels of cleanliness must surely be increasing, right? You know, all the hand washing, extra laundry etc. But what about around the house? Enter: this blog! Just because you’ve started your degree, it doesn’t mean hygiene can take the back seat. Need guidance? Read on!

Your Room

Whether you’re at home or in accommodation, your room is absolutely your responsibility and let’s face it, you probably spend the most amount of time there, so it probably gets manky pretty quickly. So, how can you keep on top of it?

  1. Ensure you put your clothes away after wearing them. It’s time to grow out of leaving your clothes on a chair to deal with at a later point. I doubt you’ll be wearing the same top two days in a row so put it back in your wardrobe, ready for next time. Yes, you’ll remember which ones you’ve worn but if you’re really worried about forgetting, you can always give it a sniff before wearing, just in case.
  2. Similarly, put all dirty washing into your laundry basket. Immediately. This clears floor space and allows you to keep on top of things. It literally takes a second.
  3. Dusting your room will not take you long. If you’re at home, it’ll probably take around 10 minutes if you have loads of knick-knacks, but if you’re at uni., it’ll be a matter of a couple of mins. Honestly, it’s super quick and easy! The more frequently you do it, the easier it is as there’ll be less dust, so you won’t have to shake out your duster outside as often. Unsure how to dust? Remove all ornaments and objects and give them a quick wipe with a dry cloth. Then, wipe the surface on which they live and return them to their spot. Repeat with all surfaces and shake your duster out the window afterwards to remove loose particles. Make sure you aren’t downwind! 
  4. If you have shiny surfaces, after dusting, spray them down. This is optional but I love cleaning my desk, so I often spritz that particular piece of furniture. Ensure they are dry before placing things on top and try to be frugal with the spray as a little bit goes a long way. If soapy water isn’t good enough, try mixing water and vinegar if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly version of shop bought products.
  5. Don’t forget to change your bedding and jim jams. Although I’ve heard this should be a weekly ordeal, maybe fortnightly will suffice. When they start feeling unfresh and no longer crisp, you know it’s time.
  6. Hoovering is the easiest and best bit! Simply plug it in and go to town! This can definitely be done weekly, especially if you wear your shoes in the house, ew. 

Bedroom Summary: dust, hoover and change the bedding.

Time: 15 minutes

Frequency: weekly

The Kitchen

If you’re at home, lend a hand and clean the hob and hoover. Your parents will appreciate it and it’s a lovely thing to do! If you’re at uni., I expect your kitchen will get dirty pretty quickly so don’t be a twat and do your bit to help.

  1. Do your dishes ASAP. Don’t be annoying and leave mouldy pots on the side. Do your dishes immediately and develop good habits. No one is going to clean up after you and it’s much easier to wash up as soon as you’ve finished eating compared to later on when the food dries to your plate. Have you ever tried scrubbing dried Weetabix? Nightmare.
  2. Clean up any spillages you may have with a sponge or cloth. Yes, you can use kitchen roll but environmental concerns aside, do you really want to be forking out for it?
  3. Give the hob a wipe if you spill something. Otherwise, it could do with a casual spritz fortnightly. Same with the kitchen table. 
  4. Take the bins out! Stop being lazy, just do it! The boys were in charge of that last year and I did the recycling, but if you want clearer rules, make a rota. The last thing you want is a mouldy kitchen with mice. I tell you that from experience.

Kitchen Summary: dishes, surfaces and bins.

Time: 5 minutes

Frequency: daily

The Bathroom

This is a vital one to clean if you’re sharing with several people.

  1. The shower needs to be sprayed and cleaned. As cubicles are so variable e.g. curtains, glass, etc., I can’t advise what products to use but use your noggin and I’m sure it’ll be okay. Same applies if you have a bath.
  2. Shelves need to be dusted and wiped clean. Hint: don’t display every single product you own; it’ll make life easier.
  3. The loo should be wiped, and the bowl cleaned using products and a brush. Yes, actually do this and make sure you wipe the actual loo seat too as many bums have been sat on there!
  4. Cleaning the sink is a must! Again, use some common sense when selecting which products to use, but make sure you clean it properly.
  5. Hoover or scrub the floor accordingly.
  6. Towels!!! Your towels need to be changed regularly as their dampness provides the perfect breeding ground for nasties. More importantly, ensure you have a separate body and face towel. Do not be using one towel for all. You definitely ought to have a face (and hand, if you clean them properly) towel. Very important, your skin will thank you.

Bathroom Summary: wipe, clean and scrub. Change your towels!

Time: 20 minutes

Frequency: fortnightly

Other Areas

Any other communal areas can be hoovered weekly. Not much more is really necessary, but if you’re at home, lend a hand and dust. It’s cool to be kind.


Right. How to put this… Online studying does not mean personal hygiene can go out the window. Shower at least every second day and take care of yourself! More importantly, with the virus going around, it’s essential to keep yourself clean to wash away any nasties and to take extra special care to ensure you wash your hands. Using a tap is better than using hand gel, so when possible, wash your hands with soap and water. 

P.S: bonus points if you can work out why I selected this particular picture…!

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