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Corona: Online Learning

I’m sure you must be very bored of discussing Covid-19 but it has had a significant impact across the world regarding exams and final terms. Learning at home can be difficult due to the lack of structure and dependence of self-discipline, but hopefully with my following tips and ideas, studying can be made that much easier.


For Those With Exams


Bad luck! But also good luck for the actual exams! This time is vital to utilise properly and get those grades. Yes, it is difficult being away from the library and revision lectures, but the good news is the library can be accessed online and your lecturers are only an email away! It’s important to dedicate x number of hours a day to studying so you can work out a schedule e.g. chores in the morning, studying in the afternoon and properly relaxing in the late afternoon/evenings. If you have a family calendar, write your exams (with their timings) on there so any parents, siblings or other know not to disturb you. Although the virus is awful, lockdown is somewhat useful for studying because you have fewer distractions *pauses Netflix* so you can really get down and learn.  Exams are nearly upon us so try to stay motivated because they’ll be over before you know it. My quick tips are: 1) make a timetable and try to follow it; 2) prioritise subjects/modules in terms of when the exam is; 3) have a clear work space! That means all you really need is your notes and something to write with. For more advice, give this a read:

P.S: rather than studying for a set amount of time, try setting a goal regarding the number of lectures you want to get done. I aim for 3/4 a day, no matter how long it takes.


For Those Without Exams


I am tempted to say lucky you, but I’m sure you’ll be itching to learn something so why don’t you put this time to good use to read over your notes as if you have exams. You may feel like all your hard work has been wasted but it has not! Exams are irrelevant here, you have increased and improved your knowledge and tried to better yourself. If you want a break from school or uni. work, why not try to learn something else? Perhaps brush up on your music skills or practice a foreign language? I enjoy reading at my leisure but maybe you could set yourself a target to finish Ulysses by the end of June. (If you actually do achieve this, wow, let me know)! Either way, don’t despair. Enjoy this time off but don’t waste it. If you’re really stuck for ideas, check out your course and maybe dip into reading about it or watch a YouTube video which explains concepts to give you a head start for the new academic year. 


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