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Corona: Let’s Discuss

No, I’m not talking about that beer you stick a lime in, I’m speaking of Covid-19: the virus which disrupted our lives. I know it’s probably a topic you’re trying to escape as people are constantly banging on about it, but I think it’s high time I offered my hints, tips and tricks along with my opinion, because what else have I to do?


Mental Health


Don’t scroll away! Young people apparently have been hit the hardest with all this isolation, and I actually agree. All the old people get to work (chill) at home without having to commute in, meaning they get to spend more time with their significant others who, lest we forget, they get to live with. We, on the other hand, have been sadly separated from our friends, boyfriends and girlfriends with no option but to FaceTime them. Surely that’s not so bad? I hear you say. Incorrect. It’s rubbish. You have to put up with seeing them and talking to them, but you can never actually touch them, give them a hug or a high five. Plus, it’s exam season, which means we’re stuck indoors studying all day, without proper breaks because our mates are stuck indoors in their own homes, which are, quite evidently, not yours. My point is, you may not even realise you’re suffering but I found myself to be snappier with my SO recently and I’m 100% putting it down to being cooped up and separated. So, my lovelies, it is vital you look after yourselves. Do some exercise, whether this be indoors, outdoors or in your garden. Socialise with your family, keep up the communication with your friends and remember to take study breaks. If you find yourself feeling blue, go and soak up some rays and tan a little bit, whilst chatting to the fam. Take time to look after yourself, whether this be through watching a funny series, listening to your favourite songs or reading a gripping book. And remember: this isn’t forever. 


A New You


Use this time to your advantage. This is a unique set of circumstances which you’re living through and it will inevitably go down in history. Don’t look back and say you spent isolation sleeping and binge-watching television. I vote you nurture your hobbies, be it making model aeroplanes or crocheting or playing an instrument. Maybe you could use this time to develop a new skill. Better yet, teach someone a skill! Maybe you’re particularly fab at something and a family member could benefit with some lessons. 

Being cooped up indoors also means you finally have the time to finish projects you once started. A classic example is scrapbooking, or perhaps sorting through photo albums or getting around to painting that brown bookshelf white to match your other furniture. If none of these appeal, get into shape! Your body will appreciate it and I’m sure you will too. Oh, and definitely clear out your room and wardrobe, as I’m sure you’ve been putting that off for months.


Hidden Pros


As riveting as it is to grump about corona, there are some bright sides we can look at. For example, you’ve probably saved a hefty sum by now from staying in. Think of all the money you spend on shopping, nights out, going to the pub, the cinema – anything. By being forced to remain inside, you haven’t been able to spend your hard-earned cash! This means you can either put it towards your future savings or you can splash out and celebrate properly when all this is over. 

Moreover, being stuck indoors means you’re more likely to actually study and revise. Yes, it’s easy to catch up on TV shows but there comes a point where you need to crack on. As you can’t meet up with friends or go on family outings, you get to fill that time with work, distraction free. Yay!

Another silver lining is linked to my previous paragraph about learning new skills. You can really focus on your personal development during this time, which is great as you may not have actually put time aside to do so in your everyday life. We have to make the best out of this horrendous situation.


The Future


Even if lockdown lifts, normal life cannot resume as before. Corona won’t suddenly evaporate and we are going to have to continue being cautious. I’m sure that adjustments will have to be made but, for the best outcome, we all have to remember to follow the set rules and guidelines. Even young people aren’t invincible, and it’s unfair to spread the virus to other people. You have no idea who is at risk and who is not, so it is vital to be thoughtful and treat everyone as if they have it. However, there is hope and they’re testing out new vaccines as we speak, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that nobody else will suffer and that this virus will be eradicated once and for all as soon as possible. 

Stay safe, keep your distance and stay at home. 

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