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Corona: Health

Although lockdown is gradually easing up, things haven’t quite returned to normal so it’s more important than ever to keep yourself healthy throughout these ~unprecedented times~. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, at least do it for others as you’ll be less likely to contract and spread the virus if your body’s defence system is top notch and not having to deal with other problems. 


With holidays being cancelled, beach bods may not be in high demand but it’s still vital to keep yourself healthy. I realise lockdown may have made it tricky for you to get out as much as you would, but these days, you can keep fit from the comfort of your bedroom.

First things first, stay clean, people! Shower often, wash your hands regularly and cover your mouth when you cough, before washing your hands again. Sneezes can be caught in tissues then disposed of, or else handkerchiefs then washed away. Don’t let me down.

Follow a YouTube workout. There’s plenty of choice regarding what you do and for how long, plus no one needs to know!

Head outside! Get some fresh air and go for a walk, a run, a skip or whatever takes your fancy, but enjoy the outdoors before it gets too miserable. Today was apparently one of the coldest bank holidays recorded, so make sure you keep warm both inside and out.

Get creative around the house. The stairs provide a great leg workout and milk bottles – cow or soya – can double up as weights. As can chairs or even sofas! Plus, I’m sure hoovering burns up more calories than you might imagine*

*175 calories an hour, which is equal to a 20-minute jog!


Lockdown has really taken its toll on mental health as people are isolated and housebound. Working from home can also increase stress levels as there’s no separation between work and home life, making it much more difficult to push work worries aside when 5pm hits. Therefore, it’s essential to check in with yourself and ensure you are feeling okay or know how to cope if you’re not. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a break, get some exercise and talk to someone. To help reduce anxiety, it might be worth considering the following:

  1. Setting a daily schedule to follow to ensure you keep on top of your studies, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind; 
  2. Putting aside some time to focus on yourself and relax, whether this be reading a book, running a bubble bath or listening to music;
  3. Talk! To anyone! This could be your friends, family, neighbours or even a pet, but it’s important to offload your troubles and get a second opinion (and if your pet answers back, leave a comment below);
  4. Keep up to date with members through Facebook or WhatsApp groups, even if you’re not attending society meets;
  5. Have a look at my studying from home blog (this will be posted on 14 September) to learn how to cope with online learning. With any luck, this should let you attack your studies head-on, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Good luck!

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