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Corona: 50 Things to Do

EXAMS ARE OVER!!! They were so weird but I’m glad exams are done. Now that we all have loads of time on our hands, how do we even spend our days? Well it’s a good choice coming here as I have 50 different ideas! 


  1. Knit
  2. Crochet
  3. Embroider
  4. Scrap book
  5. Origami
  6. Make sock puppets
  7. Collect stamps
  8. Collect coins
  9. Draw
  10. Paint
  11. Write a story
  12. Write a poem


  1. Clean your room/house
  2. Sort out your wardrobe
  3. Clear out your bedroom
  4. Do up the house
  5. DIY projects
  6. Clear out mugs (yes, those awful ones you got for free can probably be set free)
  7. Polish the silver
  8. Organise your computer files


  1. Garden
  2. Walk the dog (or give me your dog please)
  3. Exercise
  4. Dance
  5. Deck out your bike e.g. pump up the tyres
  6. Go for a bike ride
  7. Wash the car


  1. Study something new
  2. Get 80% in a GCSE maths test
  3. Learn the countries of the world
  4. Learn a language
  5. Learn an instrument
  6. Research how to become more eco-friendly
  7. Find some banging recipes to try out
  8. Cook
  9. Bake
  10. Bartend
  11. Give a haircut
  12. Do your mum’s makeup
  13. Paint your mum’s nails


  1. Make a PowerPoint (on me?)
  2. Karaoke
  3. Have a dinner party at home
  4. Have a pizza night
  5. Film marathon
  6. Make a play
  7. Read a book


  1. Go for a picnic/meet up 
  2. Call a friend or relative
  3. Write a letter to your friend or relative

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