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Controlling the worry: How to prepare yourself for Results Day

Results day is a nerve-wracking time, for everyone involved. Students, teachers and parents alike are crossing everything that exams have gone well and that everyone will be able to go to wherever it is they’re going next. However, sometimes this doesn’t go to plan but don’t worry you aren’t left out! Here are some of the tips I did to best prepare myself for Results Day. These can apply to any results day but particularly focused on Year 13 Results Day.

Have a contingency/backup plan The old saying of hope for the best plan for the worst is something I live by. For Results Day, this meant that prior to results day I familiarised myself with the clearing system and look at the potential places I would like to go to if things didn’t work out with me getting into Warwick. This means that if things don’t go well, unfortunately, you aren’t overwhelmed trying to sort it out and know exactly the process you need to do in order to salvage the day and come out in as best position as possible.

Decide what you are going to do before the day. This is essential, as the last thing you want to be doing the morning of the exam is panicking trying to get a lift into school or college. Speak to your parents, have a time set and know what you are going to do. In addition, decide if you want to get your exam results first or look at UCAS first (only for Year 13s). I personally decided to look at UCAS first in order to prepare myself for what I would do upon arriving at School, regardless of my results. I also made my mum open the results every year as I was always too scared.

Don’t spend the entire summer looking over leaked mark schemes and beating yourself up over the exams and how they went You’ve done it. You did the revision, sat the exams, now it’s the time to relax. It is so easy to spend the whole summer scared and worrying about your exams, but this is only going to worry you even more. Go and enjoy yourself! If you are struggling to find something to do in the summer, why don’t you read my other blog ‘Making the most of the summer holidays’ for some things to do! (shameless self-promotion).

Don’t panic! You’ve got this. Whatever happens, you’ve done your best and now it is time to deal with things if they go bad and celebrate if they go well. If you’re hoping to come to Warwick, enjoy Freshers and make sure to be in Pop! Week 1.

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