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Confessions of a 20 year old (re)Fresher

After almost 16 months, 28 flights, countless hours lost to bus trips, and a visit to four different continents, my Year Abroad is done. Signed, sealed, delivered.  I know I moved back from Italy over two months ago, but after a summer of interning in London, my Year Abroad seemed like it hadn’t quite ended. I mean it all only became real when two days ago, I finally made the move back to campus, to a home that’s giving me a little deja vu…

Oh Heronbank…

Yes, I was lucky enough to be offered accommodation on campus after my Year Abroad, meaning myself and a whole lot of other “post year abroaders” have taken control of one of Lakeside’s blocks. And with a room overlooking the lake and my flat from first year, I feel a little bit nostalgic whenever I look out the window. I actually meant to post this blog before moving back, detailing my fears and worries over coming back to Warwick, but as always life happened…

How was this over two months ago?! Post Year Abroad Sickness is real.

I won’t lie, it has certainly been weird coming back to Warwick because I was away for far longer than my 8 months of first year, and seeing as it is the “normal” thing to do your Year Abroad in third year, most of my friends are now off, living their best lives across the globe. Meaning I felt a little bit like a stranger coming back to our campus. It is also just weird to be here for week 0, walking around in between all the freshers and the various events, trying not to appear clueless and desperately shaking your head anytime someone asks you “if you need any help?” because how dare you be mistaken for a fresher, even if you probably do need some help, because you have no clue where Radcliffe is….

(Re)freshing is weird, because I should feel at home here, after all, I went through all the homesickness, freshers flu, confusion, disorientation and isolation when I moved here two years ago. But 16 months is a long time, and things have certainly changed on campus. I have changed too, and I think this all means I will be in this liminal stage of (Re)freshing for a little bit, at least until I establish some sort of routine.

Of course, in many, many ways, it is wonderful to be back; I have already met some wonderful people in my block, and I think it will be an exciting year getting to know even more people than I did after my first year. I am excited to see all my lecturers again and for my modules this year, and now that I have the time abroad behind me, I can focus on my second/ third year. Also, I am seriously loving everything being walking distance away; the painful memories of my summer of 3-hour-a-day commutes are slowly fading away…

And I won’t lie, not having a “dress code” is also proving enjoyable

Of course, I am already missing my friends, family, and my sweet puppy, who actually was so sad to see me leave, that he scratched my face so I have something visual to remember him by, leaving me looking like I have been in a cat fight, and desperately trying to explain to all the new people I am meeting…

But how can I be mad at that face?

But I am not planning any trips home quite yet, even if that does mean Wilbur will be at least 5 kg bigger by the time reading week rolls around…

Stop growing!

So as I soldier on, facing a week of various fairs, meetings and trying to register for my modules, which is proving tough, I think I am certainly in for an interesting first few weeks (re)finding my feet at Warwick. I mean, I’ve found my feet at university three times before- this should be a breeze right?

With love,Catherine x

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