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Competing at University – My Sports

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the two late blog posts this month, but between working and, as you’ll see, competing for Warwick, there is so much that I wanted to tell you about! 


So, what exactly have I been doing? You’ll have heard from me before that two of the sports I’ve been playing since first year are quidditch and underwater hockey. Both unusual, but equally as fun and exciting! I was never sure what sport I’d want to play here at Warwick, but going to the sports and societies fair during the start of freshers was the best way of finding out all of the opportunities.


 The team for Underwater Hockey enjoying a lunch break before our last games!

There are a few differences (apart from the obvious how you play). Quidditch here at Warwick falls under the Societies branch of the Students Union, as it is teamed up with the Harry Potter society. Underwater Hockey on the other hand falls under Sports, and therefore the Team Warwick clubs! What does this mean in practicality though?


Fees and university support are the major differences, but for all intents and purposes the side that most people will be most affected by is the fees. For Underwater Hockey, you have to purchase a membership for the society, the club pass, and pay the sports federation fee. This is money that contributes towards facility hire and insurance through Warwick Sport, among other funding areas. Quidditch, on the other hand, works out to be cheaper as the societies federation fee and club membership are the only two things needed to purchase. Part of this works out as the facilities and equipment of Warwick Sport aren’t in use. There are several “sports” societies that operate under the Societies Federation, which do work out as options for those who would like to play a sport at Warwick on more of a budget! Tai Chi, Aerobics, Yoga, and Skate are all options that I found on the website after a quick search.


I don’t have any quidditch photos yet, so have the first of our hockey ones instead!


Now that’s been discussed a bit, let me tell you about this month! It’s been a while since I last played for Warwick in a tournament (March 2018) due to my year abroad, so having two tournaments within 2 weeks was only a little stressful. I started with the QuidditchUK Southern Regionals in Oxford, 9/10 November. It was a breath of fresh air to be away for a weekend with the team, and even more so getting to see a lot of other players from across the country that I hadn’t seen. Catching up with other teams and getting to meet so many more players is one of the things I really do value about this sport! Overall, we played well and exceed all expectations – ranking in the top 8 of the south and putting us in a good position for the national championships coming up in spring next year.


Then this past weekend, I made a trip up to Sheffield to play in Nautilus 2019 – an underwater hockey tournament ran by the BOA (British Octopush Association). We were the only team there to register as a university, which is a feat within itself when players across all divisions are often above the age of 23 and will have played for more years than a lot of our team’s experience combined. Despite this, we once again managed to exceed expectations! Not only did we avoid relegation, but came away with 4 wins and 2 losses, as well as a draw to the eventual winners of the division (Manchester) – the only time they didn’t have an outright win!

Feeling very pleased with how our day was going!


Sports at Warwick have been an integral part of my university life here at Warwick – and representing the university is something that I am incredibly proud of. Being a part of TeamWarwick has helped me not only find a community and friends throughout the university and country, but also inspired confidence and helped me improve my mental health through sports and activities I would never have thought of joining before university. This has included taking part in things like ThisGirlCan, and Kicking Homophobia out of Sport, alongside many other wonderful campaigns across the 4 years I’ve spent here!


See you all soon for another update!


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