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Commuting to university

I chose to do this blog post, because there will be a few of you that genuniely want to live at home whilst going to university, but might be worried that they’ll be seen as an outsider. I have lived in Coventry over 8 years now and still wanted to go to Warwick desperately. This post will hopefully reassure you that settling in and making friends is still manageable even if you commute.

Friends – I remember during my first week, I was a bit nervous. Not only because this place was completely new to me, but also because I saw a few that have already formed their own friendship groups. However, this didn’t stop me from meeting a variety of different people as well as making strong friendhships with some of these wonderful people. One of such people I met is actually also a Warwick blogger and she has her personal blog, too. Another person I met was actually really smart. He always knew what he was talking about and whenver I was stuck on a question or didn’t understand something, I did’t have to ask him twice. He was just always super helpful!

Transport – I caught two busses last year to go to university, but I still always ended up on time for my lectures. Also, even people that live on campus need about 20/25 min to get to their lecture room, hence 40 min in total on the busses didn’t seem that much of a stretch. This year I might be driving by car as it’s more convenient or I might carry on using public transport.

Free periods – You will find a big difference between the free periods you used to have at school/college and at university. You could end up with lectures from 9-12, a two hour break and then one further tutorial on a Tuesday. Just remember to make use of this time and you can always go to the library to get some extra reading or any assignments done. After you’ve made friends, you might all decide to do something together. Cannon Park shopping is only a 10 min walk from campus or you might even end up playing pool within th SU. Whatever you decide upon, Warwick campus always has something to offer.

Societies – joining any clubs/groups that interest you doesn’t only let you pursue your interest, but you can also meet people there. Hence this is an opportunity for you to socialise.

SSLC – I decided to join this student committe within the first week of university. This not only made students as well as staff know me more, but it also gave me a voice to point out my opinion and the opinion of my classmates during meetings.

I hope that for those of you that are thinking of living at home, this has served as a reassurance to go ahead and be confident about your decision.

For any questions regarding university please get in touch.

Shaumica :))

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