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Common questions from prospective students

Hi everyone,

With the UCAS deadline fast approaching – I thought it would be useful to answer a few common questions that you may have:

What is PAIS?

PAIS stands for Politics and International Studies – the department which covers the politics courses. PAIS itself is a course you have the option to study.

What do I need to get to study PAIS at Warwick?

The standard conditional offer for BA Politics/PAIS is AAA, with no specific subject requirements.

What if I don’t get those grades?

During the confirmation week in August, the university will revisit the applications of all candidates who have narrowly missed the entry requirements — they will look at your personal statement and take into account the subjects you achieve the highest grades in. The best you can do is aim for the best grades possible, and as strong of a personal statement, which will really demonstrate your passion and determination for the course. The admissions will recognise this when reviewing your application and will look favourably if you have shown genuine enthusiasm!

How do I write a personal statement that will appear to all of my choices?

A general rule of thumb is to focus on your first choice university: research the core modules along with the optional ones, maybe look into the department’s research to gain an idea of its key interests (which will help you decide whether the university is even right for you). You can then focus on Politics on a broad level, whilst demonstrating the fact you have carried extensive research on the course.

Is campus accommodation provided?

For first-year, yes. You will be required to find your own accommodation in your second and potentially final year (there are a limited number of spaces for final years to live on campus). Saying that: If you have a medical reason to live on campus throughout your degree, do inform the university as you will be given priority.

Should I bring my car?

Unless you really car, I wouldn’t recommend bringing a car in your first year. You will probably spend most of your time on campus, and if you do decide to venture out – the bus interchange is right near wherever you decide to live.

Who can I speak to if I have academic related queries?

The PAIS undergraduate team: will be more than happy to help you. For any student experience related queries, please feel free to contact me, or speak to other PAIS ambassadors during the open day.

Happy decision making!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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