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Common FAQs with Prospective Students

I am Murtaza studying Accounting and Finance at WBS- Second year. I am originally from Karachi, Pakistan having spent some of my childhood in Saudi Arabia.

Rootes… I loved it. I found Rootes to be very centrally located and the social scene lived up to the reputation. The idea of a shared washroom seemed to be a nightmare for me before I arrived. However, this did not turn out to be a major worry. I lived with a very social and fun group of people and going to the kitchen was always a chance to know more different perspectives and people. Most of the people from my flat were English, 2 were French, 1 from Kenya, 1 from Turkey and we had a solitary Bulgarian representation too.

Accounting and Finance is a very open course in the first year- similar in modules to Bsc Management in first year. This means there is not just Accounting and Finance modules in first year, instead, you are given a wide range of Modules to study from to understand different perspectives of Business. Secondly, it does get more specialized towards Accountancy and Finance in latter years, however, you still have a few optional modules to choose from in Final Year. The optional modules are a chance to enjoy your interests that could lie anywhere from Business School Modules to Economics to Languages to Sociology.

DISCLAIMER: All this information is from my personal perspective, and correct for the academic year of 2016/17.

I love the Warwick Campus! I really love how it is set in the country side whilst side by side being so modern. Seeing some of the buildings like Oculus or the WBS building, it is just remarkable to know how modern they are and thankfully this provides us with the best resources to learn. Meanwhile, if you are up for a relaxed sightseeing, we have some of our halls located by a lake and also there is a nice woods area. Apart from that, the sports facilities are wonderful with a sports centre, football fields, two cricket grounds and what not!

I will be honest… My first choices were some of the prestigious world known Universities in London. I ended up choosing Warwick as I could not make it to the London Unis. However, 18 months into Warwick, I have not regretted a second being here. The campus, academics, career opportunities, social scene and societies- there is something for everyone at Warwick! Especially, what Warwick has achieved in just 50 years to be still ranked among age old universities in UK makes me proud to be here.

I am the Vice Chair of the WBS ‘Student Staff Liaision Committee- SSLC’, served as the secretary for ‘Warwick Consulting Society’, ‘WBS Student Ambassador’ and ‘Student Blogger’. I am a member of the Cricket club and actively attend all events of Warwick Pakistani Society. My favourite one has been the SSLC role as I am really passionate about the cause that WBS SSLC serves.


Be involved in as many societies or extracurricular roles as you can- make the most of you time! Try to get involved in everything and try to know as many people as you can. And lastly, don’t bring full Kitchen sets from home as much as your mom forces you to- we have a Wilko and Tesco 10 minutes from Campus. All you need from home is- a positive attitude to grow at Warwick!

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