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Coming to Warwick Campus & Tips for Living Away from Home

Doyin Adekunle | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Doyin

The first time I ever stepped foot on Warwick campus was the day I moved in. I was looking forward to coming to university and moving away from home because it would mean a new city, new people and new experiences. I had never seen Warwick campus before because I didn’t attend any of its open days, but all of the pictures in its prospectus and on its social media pages had given me high expectations for the campus’ aesthetics, and Warwick did disappoint. From the rabbits hopping in the bushes outside University House to the geese waddling on the grass around the Maths & Stats buildings, I honestly think that Warwick’s campus is beautiful and it’s just one of the many things that I love about the university.

When making my choices of universities on UCAS, I applied to both city and campus universities because I knew that each had its merits and demerits, and I would eventually settle in and be happy no matter the type of campus the university had. That being said, I am still really glad that I ended up at Warwick because one of the biggest perks of a campus university is CONVENIENCE, and when you’re a university student, convenience is something you treasure dearly. My first year at Warwick was made so much easier because everything I needed was in one place! Tesco was a ten-minute walk from my room, there was a medical centre on central campus which was 20 minutes’ walk away from my halls (Westwood), and going from one lecture to the next was a matter of minutes, not bus rides or Ubers. Something else that I really like about going to a campus university is that it means you spend most of your time surrounded by other students, and this helped to create a sense of ‘belonging’ within my first few weeks at Warwick although the campus was still a very new and unfamiliar space to me.

Coming to Warwick was my first time living away from home, and below are the three most useful tips I’ve picked up during my degree on how to ‘adult’ properly. Enjoy!

  1. Take time out to get to know your surroundings – If you’re anything like me and you get lost really really easily (it’s honestly verging on a talent), then I’d strongly recommend you use a day or two just familiarising yourself with your new environment. You can have a walk around the campus and take a map with you so you know where the different buildings are etc. It’s also a good idea to have a day-out in Coventry and Leamington so you get to know the different shops and restaurants around you and what kind of fun, leisurely stuff is available.
  2. Make a list for when you go shopping and STICK TO IT – The amount of times I have walked into Tesco planning to buy 1 pack of grapes and have come out with two bags full stuff I (i) don’t need, (ii) shouldn’t be eating, and (iii) will probably not get a chance to eat before they expire is too embarrassing to count. If self-control doesn’t come naturally to you in the shopping aisle, learn to discipline yourself by always making a shopping list and actually sticking to it. It’s really helped me spend less money and stop being so wasteful.
  3. Schedule your tasks and time – It’s surprising how easily dirty clothes pile up and how quickly your cupboards become bare when you’ve got essays due. Creating a schedule for my non-academic as well as academic tasks has been essential for my time management, and very usefully gives each day a focus, which has been helpful in warding off procrastination.

I hope you’ve found some of these tips helpful, and don’t forget that you can drop me a comment below if you have any questions about anything you’ve read in this post! x

Doyin Adekunle | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Doyin

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