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Coming back from the holidays and avoiding homesickness

Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely break and wish you all the best for the new year! I came back to uni yesterday and must admit I struggled a little to adjust again. Life back in Switerzland remains entirely different to life in the UK and the differences throw me off just a little everytime. I imagine that for those of you coming from abroad, you may experience something similar so I thought I’d write a little something about how I think we can all make the transition easier for ourselves.

1. Life back home goes back to normal too

I think a crucial thing to remember, especially after the relaxed, stress-free and fun moments during the holidays, that at home, life is going back to normal too. Your siblings may be going back to school, your parents back to work, your home friends have returned to university and the obligations of daily, non-holiday life settle in again. So, although you may miss home a little, take a moment to think abotu what you are actually missing out on. Probably not that much!

2. Think of all the exciting things Warwick has to offer

This is definitely what keeps me going and what I find the most exciting! Being active, engaging in new things, whether that is through societies you have already joined or through events you are planning on going to, it is very difficult to be bored at university. Of course, it is all in your hands and you have to go out and look for it. But, this is part of the excitement too.

3. Freedom to do what you like and what you are interested in

This ties into the point above but the freedom you have at university certainly has its benefits, assuming you use it wisely. Learning to handle it is what I find interesting and making mistakes and realising there are things you should do differently in the future is fulfilling. This is probably one of the only times in your life where making those mistakes isn^t the end of the word so, have some fun and experiment!

4. Optimize your weekends!

I find that weekends tend to be a little dead at Warwick but that shouldn’t withhold you from doing something fun and exciting! Personally, as I don’t know the UK very well, I’ve decided that one of my New Years resolutions is to use those weekends to visit the country a little more. Many of you would say, "but travelling is so expensive!". And I agree, it is! But how satisfying is it to find yourself a small part-time job, save some money and then spend it on discovering new places! Alternatively, use the weekends to get a head start on readings and assignments so you have more time during the week to attend social and sportive events and have a good time. As I’ve said before, the busier you are with doing things you enjoy and make you feel good, the less time you will have to feel homesick.

That’s all I have for now! Good luck to everyone with their upcoming exams and essay deadlines but remember to place it all into perspective and to stay calm.



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