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Collegiate or Non-collegiate? (Durham vs Warwick part 2)

Jane Chan
Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

Follow-up to Collegiate or Non–collegiate? (Durham vs Warwick part 1) from Mechanical Engineering

Here is the second part of my previous blog on Collegiate or Non-collegiate? (Durham vs Warwick part 1). If you haven’t read it, go give it a read!

4. College events

Around midterm in term 1, there is ‘Bailey Ball’ which starts from 5.15pm to 5.15am the next day. Students can choose to pay for both 3-course meal and entertainments or just entertainments which happen after the meal. There is also a dance floor where students can dance the night away.

At the end of term 3, the college throws a huge summer party at the lawn outside the college where students can just chill at the lawn with a cocktail or play games, eat candy floss and jump in a bouncy castle.

5. College societies/sports clubs

For those who are sporty and like to play competitively, students can represent their colleges to compete against other colleges in tournaments and matches. There are also societies within the college which students can join, and are free of charge. Since, Warwick is non-collegiate, students can only be part of university sports teams to compete with other universities in varsity matches. However, a lot of societies have their own sports teams, so there are still many opportunities where students can represen their societies and play against other societies in games.

6. College facilities

At St John’s, there are all the facilities you need including a gym, a bar, a dining room, a common room, a music room… you name it, they have it. Such facilities are exclusive to their college students so you are very unlikely going to find yourself in a completely packed gym in the evening and if you fancy having a drink or two with your mates and it is freezing out there, you can simply make your way down to the student bar which sell dirt cheap alcohol. Unfortunately, we do not have a bar in each accommodation nor a gym, however, there is a student-run Terrace bar at SU building and a multifunctional sports centre on campus. There is also a Simply Gym at Cannon Park Shopping Centre which is just 10 minutes away from campus by foot.

7. College mentors

Each student is given a college mentor who is there to give you pastoral care. Similarly, there is a pastoral mentor in each accommodation block at Warwick who is there to offer support during your first year at university.

So, this is it for now. Hope you have found this blog somewhat useful and helpful in helping you choosing your UCAS choices.

Good luck,


Jane Chan
Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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