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Coffee shops and eateries on main campus

As a part-time CLL student, based at Westwood campus, I don’t spend a great deal of time on main campus, especially during the day. I usually visit the campus in the evening, to study or go to the library. However, this month, I’ve spent three full days on main campus – with my course, workshops and studying. Being a creature of habit, when I am on main campus, I always visit the ground floor library café, for food and refreshments. However, this month, I decided to be a bit more adventurous, and see what else main campus has to offer. So, here’s my quick guide to some of the eateries on campus that I’ve visited:

Café Library (ground floor) – this is my usual spot for food and drinks. The paninis are always tasty, and the cappuccinos are good. It can get quite busy at times, but the service is quick, and the baristas are friendly. There is also a restaurant, to the back of the café, that does a range of hot food, from jacket potatoes to full meals. I have checked out the menu, but I’ve never had a meal there, so that’s one for me to try!

Library Coffee Bar (1 floor of the library) – this is really handy for grabbing a coffee and a cake, after a visit to the library. It’s only a small café, but there are seats if you’re at the library and want a break from studying. I’ve only grabbed a take-away from there, but the coffee and cake were both good.

Costa – I’m a big fan of a Costa, so having one on campus is great. It has all the usual sandwiches, cakes and snacks that you’d expect to find at a Costa, and the cappuccinos are fab (as usual!)!

Rootes Grocery Store – as my Saturday classes are held at the Occulus (twice a term), it’s quite unbelievable that I have only recently visited Rootes store. It certainly has everything you’d expect from a grocery store. Plus, they have hot food, a selection of tasty snacks, coffee and Krispie Kreme donuts – so what’s not to like! On my recent visit, I had a bean pasty and a bar of chocolate – the perfect snack combination! 🙂

The Bread Oven – now, I was hoping to visit the bread oven for a sandwich on a recent Saturday visit to main campus; however, I was disappointed to find out that it’s only open Monday-Friday. So, I can’t give you a review of the bread oven, other than to let you know it’s open 11-3.30pm, Mon-Fri, and their menu can be accessed via the following link:

There are lots more places to grab a snack, have a coffee or sit down to a main meal, on campus. This list only includes the few eateries and coffee shops that I have visited. For more information on the cafes, bars and restaurants at Warwick, click on the following link:


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