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Clinical psychology work experience opportunities at Warwick

As I mentioned it my previous blog, it is important to build up experience during your undergraduate study to ensure you are picking up the relevant skills that will aid you along your career path. It can be hard getting first-hand clinical experience whilst in university but there are still a wide range of opportunities available that I have found from researching and attending a workshop. The examples I list here include placement years, volunteering and even international work experience.

Placement year

There is a 4-year Psychology degree option that includes a placement year. This placement is usually organised by the university, but you may also be allowed to find your own placement. This allows you to be able to work in a clinical setting for example and diversifies the way you learn as it is a big change from lectures and seminars.

If you are up for it, SLC provide mental health placements in Asia and more recently, in Europe too!

Warwick Volunteer

The Warwick Volunteer website has a wide range of opportunities that are updated regularly and cater to all different types of people. You can become a member of Warwick volunteers at any time however bear in mind that some work may require a DBS check beforehand. Your travel and small expenses are also reimbursed which is a huge benefit as a student. The two main volunteering opportunities on Warwick Volunteer include:

Springfield Mind – a charity in which you could work with to help with welcoming visitors and doing wellbeing workshops.

Mind Aware – a charity that spreads awareness about mental health in various secondary schools.

They have also included a list of ways you can volunteer whilst at home given the circumstances.

Other volunteering

There are also other volunteering opportunities available in the vicinity such as MacMillan cancer support or at NHS University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire. Some may not directly relate to mental health but remember that all health services and organisations take psychological wellbeing into account. These could be found through googling or searching through the NHS website or even using the Unitemps website which is an agency you can sign up for once you join university. Furthermore, shadowing opportunities can be found on the British Psychological Society website.

Whilst having the convenience of living on or near campus, you could work for the student-led helpline called Nightline. There is also an opportunity of Student Support worker which allows you to support other students struggling with mental health and learning disabilities with their studies.

Finally, some Clinical Psychology Doctorates ask for research experience so you may also want to build up research skills. As an undergraduate, you can act as a research assistant for PhD students or even carry out your own research. You will however need to be supervised which means contacting relevant departments. You could also apply for schemes that provide funding for you to do your own research.

This includes:

I hope this blog gives you some idea of the kind of opportunities available at Warwick and reminds you to build your skills whilst you have the time!


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