I wasn’t sure whether this should be a blog or not. I was tempted to write about exams – how to revise, how to manage your time, how to tackle them. But then I figured everyone will be writing about that right now and you’re under enough pressure as it is! So instead, I thought about what I would like to see if I were in your shoes. With enough information out there (check out my previous blogs on revision tips and time management), I hope you’ll enjoy a little break and enjoy the following images to take your mind off things. And, of course, good luck with your exams!

To kick things off, we’re going for this very cute hedgehog. A British beauty, this little critter is extremely cute. Feel your troubles melt away.

Yeah, cute cat. Very blue eyes. Reminds me a bit of that guy from Holby City.

Bunny rabbits always remind me of my ex so they aren’t my first creature of choice, but even I can’t deny how sweet this little bunny looks! Very healthy too, munching his greens!

Now dogs are more like it. He is cute. He is fluffy. He is making me relax.

Lol, I like this cat. I wonder what it’s up to. I mean, of course, one could say it’s simply grooming itself, but I like to think it’s just eaten a Toxic Waste sweetie and is now suffering the tanginess!

Aww, look at this little cutie. How can you still be tense after seeing this little meower swat a flower. Very sweet. 

PIG!!! Pigs are my favourite animal, they never let me down. Look at this little oinky, look at its little snout. So cute!

That is one happy Corgi and that makes me very happy to see. Pure joy is lighting up its face. Is it raining? Who knows, but this little pup doesn’t care. Just praying it’s a disused railway. I’m getting a bit stressed.

Oh it’s okay, stress evaporated. Ths little pussycat is sitting up with a beautiful posture. I like how the peachy background matches its eyes. Stunning. 

I couldn’t not include a Frenchie. I may have one myself but he’s a lovely rescue. Please don’t buy a French Bulldog from a breeder. You will fail your exams if you do so. 

Good luck everyone! This little piggy will watch over you as you smash your exams!

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