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Claycroft Accommodation – A review

Deciding to come to the University of Warwick means you’re in for an amazing time! But, for the majority of first years, it also means that you have to apply for on-campus accommodation. When this time came for me, I remember it feeling like quite a big deal but having very little information or reliable insight I could use to make a choice. Whilst I, of course, cannot speak for all available accommodations on campus, I can definitely give you my thoughts on the one I am living in this year, Claycroft. I remember that a few things like location, price, facilities were of more or less importance to me and I think comparing the different accommodations in relations to these categories is what helped me choose. I’ll give you my opinion on Claycroft in terms of these different categories.

  • Location

Warwick’s campus is big which means the location of the accommodation is important. Honestly, one of the best things about Claycroft is its location. It is very close to Central Campus which means that you can be in the library in 4 minutes, at the Oculus in 5 minutes and on the Piazza in 7 minutes. The gym is literally 3 minutes away which is great for me considering the how much time I spend in there! Talking of sports, Claycroft is half-way between central campus and the athletics track (17-minute walk) which is another advantage as going all the way to Westwood can seem like a huge trip, depending on where you live. Of course, the other major advantage is Claycroft’s incredible proximity to Canon Park, where you will find a very big Tesco amongst other useful stores. This really is a luxury!

  • Facilities

Whilst Claycroft is one of the older campus accommodations, which means that the rooms, bathrooms and kitchen aren’t particularly modern or aesthetically pleasing, you will, of course, be comfortable nonetheless. I am very happy with my room and although it is not very big, have managed to turn it into a space I enjoy coming back to to relax after a long day or even as a space to study. Achieving this, of course, depends on how you decorate your room and fill it with things you love, which, in my opinion, is possible no matter what room or accommodation you are in.

When it comes to the bathroom, the everlasting discussion about whether to opt for an ensuite or not comes to mind. The answer to the question may, of course, be budget as shared bathroom accommodations are cheaper than ensuite ones. In Claycroft, you share the bathroom between 2 people which I truly believe is a wonderful compromise. It’s basically an ensuite for less money!

The kitchens aren’t very big compared to other accommodations but you are only sharing between 8 people, which makes it a lot easier. Besides, you rarely all cook at the same time anyway and the smaller kitchen allows for cosier moments to spend fun times with your flatmates.

Tip: If you do choose Claycroft and move in, don’t be afraid to call maintenance to report any issues, big or small. Because it’s a little older, the hot water doesn’t always work, or the sinks don’t drain as well as they should… But the maintenance team really is very responsive and try to deal withyour reports as quickly as they can. But of course, they can’t know about a problem that needs fixing if you don’t tell them about it!

  • Price

As I’ve described earlier, Claycroft can be seen as an ensuite for less money. Of course, during my time in Claycroft (2017/18) I still paid £121 per week and there are definitely cheaper options available. Another thing to keep in mind is that the let in 2017/18 is 39 weeks, which of course also impacts the price. As an international student, having a 39 week let was absolutely crucial to me as it would be very difficult to move all of my stuff out during the Easter term considering I had no place to store. Taking everything back home isn’t an option I had but one other people might.

That pretty much sums I up I think. If you have any questions about Claycroft specifically, feel like there is anything I haven’t addressed or would like to know more about or even if you have any questions about living in shared halls in general, please do not hesitate to ask me. I would be more than happy to give you my feedback as I am well aware how useful it can be to hear from someone who has experienced first-hand what you might well be experiencing very soon yourself!

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