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Classics Graduate Interview: Nicky Leathard

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 Sometimes it can be hard enough concentrating on what we’re doing in our degree, let alone what we’re going to do after it! Classics is a discipline that offers so many skills and opportunities that it can be really hard to narrow it all down and work out exactly what we want to do afterwards. With that in mind, I’ve done an interview with friend and 2020 Classical Civilisations graduate Nicky, to see why she got into Classics and what she’s been doing since.

Hey Nicky! So, what made you choose Classics?

Honestly my Classics teacher at Secondary School – she had such an enthusiasm for it that made me fall in love with it too. Also, naturally, Percy Jackson.

Naturally! And why Warwick?

When visiting on the open day I really liked the campus and the vibe I got from it. But in particular when we showed up for the talk with the lecturers, I was astounded how many lecturers took time out of their day to show up. At other Unis I had visited, maybe one or two would show up- but at Warwick there was like ten of them and I remember thinking ‘yeah these people care about their students’.

What are some highlights from your degree?

It sounds cheesy but I really loved getting to know everyone else in the department and working with them in seminars and such. I also really enjoyed writing my dissertation- going into detail on something you’re passionate about is so fascinating. Languages was also a big highlight from my degree which is something I didn’t expect at all since I never liked them at school. I studied both Greek and Latin at Warwick and I’d definitely say they were the highlights of my studying over the three years.

What have you been up to since graduation?

Not much! The pandemic has somewhat slowed my career plans, as I’m sure it has everybody else. But I’ve managed to do a lot of art, read a lot of books (Classics related of course), and I’ve recently got a remote internship at a Marketing Company!

What skills do you feel you’ve learned from your degree?

Since starting my internship I’ve noticed how easy I’m finding managing the workload and being able to write white papers and such without any supervision. I’ve also picked up Japanese since graduating, and have noticed how much easier it is to pick up and study since learning Greek and Latin at Warwick.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years’ time?

Hopefully something I enjoy! I’m doing a Masters in Film and Television Studies next year, so hopefully something in that sphere- but honestly, I just want to be happy!

If you could give any advice to someone who wants to study Classics, what would it be?

Do it! Classics is so brilliant, and the lecturers at Warwick are so enthusiastic that it makes studying so enjoyable. I had several moments throughout my degree where I sat down and realised that I was literally studying myths and reading ancient languages as part of my degree! Wild!

And, finally, a Classics quickfire:

Greeks or Romans?

 Romans! My dissertation was on the Roman foundation myth though, so maybe I’m bias.

Literature or archaeology?

Archaeology! Nothing quite as cool as looking at the old crumbly stuff the old crumbly people used.

Republic or Empire?

Probably Republic…I do like the early Roman stuff more!

Ancient Greek or Latin?

Probably Ancient Greek! Learning a completely different alphabet and understanding it is so rewarding and I felt so lucky to be given the opportunity.

Thank you so much to Nicky for agreeing to the interview! As you can see from her answers, Classics is such a fun degree and can lead to so many places.

You can find Nicky on Instagram @nicleart_, where she posts some really cool art. All proceeds from her Redbubble at are going to charity until Christmas, so go ahead and get a unique gift that just keeps giving! 


Rebecca Preedy | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe Contact Rebecca

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