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Christmas vacation!

Having had a very busy first term filled with assignments, lab reports and lectures, I’ve greatly appreciated having the time to spend with my family and friends, and to prepare myself for Christmas. I am super excited to see more family on Christmas Day and to starting the New Year 🙂

So what have I been doing over the last few weeks?

On Thursday, I returned home from a much-needed holiday with my family, to Costa Rica – a fab destination for a keen biologist! It was the perfect balance of seeing wildlife such as birds, monkeys, sloths and plants, with relaxation consisting of sunbathing, reading and eating way too much buffet! Whilst it was tempting to copy the sloths in complete idleness, I spent some time reading over some notes and getting on with some internship applications. These applications are really time consuming because you need to research about the company, write about why you’re interested in the internship, and then also practice psychometric tests. Luckily Life Sciences students don’t have January exams, and instead they’re in the third term with work being assessed throughout the year. This takes the pressure off the Christmas break, which for many recent years has involved revision for exams.

I’ve spent the last few days continuing with internship applications, last minute Christmas shopping, baking Christmas goodies but also starting on the Christmas Vacation essay. This essay is worth 2 CATS out of 12 CATS for tutorial work, and each tutorial group is set a different title. Mine is about the role of bacteria in the formation of ulcers and other diseases like cancers, and I am finding the research very interesting. It is important to put effort into the courseworks as it puts you in a good position before the exams start. I intend to finish the essay before the second term starts although it isn’t due until the following week. This will enable me to hit the ground running with all the new work that the department will throw at us, especially as I will have a lab on the first day back.

What are my plans for the rest of the holiday?

I want to make the most of the vacation and ensure that I am well-rested before second term, but I also want to use my time wisely in terms of study. I have plans to meet with various groups of friends before we all go back to our universities, a few celebratory events and I also want to relax. In terms of uni work, once the essay is complete I want to consolidate my lecture notes and do some wider reading. It can be difficult to keep on top of this during the term, since there’s lots of accessed work such as lab reports that take priority, lots of lectures going on, a social life to keep up, all whilst looking after yourself and doing things like grocery shopping and cooking. Therefore, I will take full advantage of having no lectures, and also my meals being cooked for me and the grocery shop being done (thank you parents!)

I am thoroughly enjoying taking a break from uni, seeing my family and friends, but I am looking forward to seeing what second term will bring. Until next time!

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