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CHRISTMAS holidays!

The first term is over and all the students are enjoying the Christmas holidays. It’s a magic time to make wishes!

Most students went back home while others stayed at Warwick. The university organises Christmas events for its students. Foundation course prepared a Christmas party with food, drinks and quizzes for us to spend time with our mates, teachers and tutors.

Furthermore, this year foundation-course students can spend three-week holidays to explore the country from Brighton to Edinburgh, visit the capital and enjoy the most magnificent period of the year.

Last week of the first term the students enjoyed two snowy days which were quite extraordinary for the UK. Due to the fact that two days of lessons were canceled, we spent this time preparing for the final tests and obviously (!) building snowmen and playing snowballs! Probably, foundation students had the biggest snow fight in Warwick, because, firstly, that week most undergraduate students had already been in their home cities and, secondly, most foundation students took part in the “fight”, especially Russians, Turkish, Arabs and Chinese!!! We all spent a great time and later had Christmas kitchen party with hot chocolate and cookies! I hope all the students are satisfied with the first term and now it’s time to have a break and prepare for the second term.

In addition, Christmas celebrations vary from country to country. For instance, here in the United Kingdom Christmas is the main holiday while back in my home country Belarus people usually celebrate New Year with all family members. It’s the time to have a family dinner as well as make, write on a piece of paper and burn wishes. Moreover, people usually open presents on Jan 1. In fact, Belarus consists of people of different religions, that’s why New Year is a holiday for everyone.

The thing I noticed about the UK is that some Christmas shops are open the whole year and Christmas atmosphere is around since October due to many Christmas goods such as decorations, cards and presents. Furthermore, London is magnificent at this time so I believe that it’s one of the best times to visit Britain’s capital.

The Christmas holidays are a perfect time to be with your families and friends! Use these free time productively! Moreover, be aware of the UCAS deadline on 15 Jan! And don’t forget to study, since the second term is close 🙂

I am thankful for studying at Warwick International Foundation Programme and for people I met here! Wish you all to get into the university of your dream! Stay healthy and positive!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you all in 2018!!!

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