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Christmas hacks!

Final couple weeks of term have landed and Christmas shopping has been a great way to distract me from my important deadlines! But here are some little tips to help you get into the Christmas spirit 🙂

  • Secret Santa- save money and grab your group of friends/family, write all of their names on a piece of paper and get them to pick a random name out of a hat (or just cupped hands) and set a budget to buy a gift for them. If you have friends who are not all in the same place, do it online. I did it online with my friends from back home and you can even add a wishlist or just simply outline your interests to give some inspiration for your buyer.
  • Christmas film marathons!- get into the spirit and set up movie nights with your friends, 2 hours of your time can uplift you for this difficult couple of weeks of term. Grab some hot chocolate (do not forget the marshmallows), blankets and mince pies! I definitely recommend a movie called Elf…it’s timeless!
  • Christmas meal!- Get the turkey out, pigs and blankets and do not forget the gravy. Time to take control of the kitchen and make a Christmas dinner. My house made a timetable of when things have to go into the oven so things get cooked all at the same time. Bring everyone together and help chop, slice and cut all the vegetables. Also, be considerate for those who have special dietary requirements. Split the cost of the ingredients between you all and have a great evening! Christmas crackers are a nice addition to the meal too!
  • Write and send Christmas Cards- Now we belong in a digital age, cards seem like a rarity and that is actually what makes them special. Head to a charity shop and buy a pack of cards and send them to your loved ones. If you post by second class now they will eventually get them by Christmas time. Any that you receive you can hang them up on your wall or put them on the window sill just to add some Christmas sparkle to your life!
  • Advent calendars- You can have a flat calendar where you all take turns to have the chocolate, or if you have a traditional calendar where there are little pockets you have to fill think of something different. Maybe a truth or dare for the day or even just a thought for the day if you’re low on funds.
  • Take advantage of the Christmas sales!- TIming is really important when it comes to Christmas shopping, Black Friday has now gone- sales will return closer to Christmas and then on boxing day until new years day. Save those links and make sure you have all of the things you want in your online shopping basket. Do not forget to use your student discount!

I hope you have a smooth end to your first term of the year! Enjoy it, you deserve some fun time! You’ve worked so hard! Happy holidays!

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