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Christmas Craziness

I am finally home for Christmas! It feels so good to be warm on the sofa with blankets, next to the Christmas tree and watching Christmas films. However, the Uni of Warwick did a pretty good job of getting the Christmas spirit going with the humongous tree on campus, you definitely couldn’t miss it #warwickxmas –


There were many Christmas activities/events happening on campus over the past few weeks, however I didn’t manage to get involved in any since I’ve been bombarded with countless deadlines. Although, one thing that I did manage to do was attend the Psychology Christmas Pub Quiz which had prizes to be won, free pizza and chips, mince pies, a bar and overall a fun atmosphere. It was so nice to chill and speak to fellow Psychology students for the evening, whilst getting involved in the quiz. My team didn’t do that great – we came second to last… However, we had fun otherwise! I’m not going to lie, but I stayed on campus all day mainly for the free pizza and chips. BUT the event was definitely worth going to otherwise! If you study Psychology but you didn’t manage to go to the event, I would highly recommend going to any future Psychology events that happen. The easiest way to stay updated is by liking/following the Warwick Psych Soc facebook page. I’ll insert a few pictures that I got from the evening –




In terms of what I’ll be getting up to over the Christmas break, it sadly won’t be anything too fun 🙁 I have a statistics exam in January which I need to revise for, funtimes, and I need to complete a 2000 word essay. Alongside that, I’ll be going to work whenever I have any free time in order to save up some money for 2nd term – I work in luxury retail stores! I’m hoping to go to Winter Wonderland if I get a chance, so if I do that and any other fun things then I’ll definitely post them here on the blog. Otherwise, I’ll probably be doing cute Christmas things with my family and buckling down on work.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas holidays, whatever you’re doing! Do try to relax and enjoy the time off whilst you can.


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