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Christmas Crackers, Cortázar and Cappuccino-Fuelled Essay Writing

The year is finally drawing to a close, and I am feeling shattered. I’m not going to lie, the Christmas holidays have been far from fun and games. In fact, so far I have written nearly 8000 words worth of essays and language work, and still have one more Hispanic literature essay to go. Yes, I am slowly. Losing. The. Will.

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So freshers, just a reminder from a rapidly aging forth year grandma; make the most of first year. Of course I am by no means suggesting you should forget about your studies altogether- far from it- however, just make the most of the remainder of this academic year by throwing yourself into university life. Second term can be the perfect opportunity to try something new now things have settled down a bit. Like joining that society whose taster session you were unable to make last term, making the most of Warwick’s Art Centre by picking up a leaflet upon passing and seeing what’s on, or simply by joining the gym. Having said that, I am dreading the inevitable ‘post-Christmas’ chaos of just about every gym in the country after the New Year…well I suppose we could all keep our fingers crossed that by February the one-night-wonder of those New Year’s resolutions become just that. I’m sorry; perhaps one of mine could be to have more faith in our society…

Still, it is in times like these, when surrounded by a torpedo of journal articles, library books and notions concerning the likes of Spanish Golden Age honour, post-generational memory in Italian transnational literature, the non-sensicle ramblings of Julio Cortázar, and feminist writing of Dacia Maraini…


…when it’s important to remind oneself of those little things which can make times like these just that little bit more bearable…



And the subsequent festivities that followed…


So with one more week, one more essay to write, and one night left of this year, excuse me whilst I return to my hermit burrow of books. And for fellow essay writers and those of you still slogging at revision, it’s not long now and a new term will be soon upon us.

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