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Christmas Comes Early?

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So it’s getting towards the end of term, only a week and a half left, and what does that mean? Christmas! I found that one of the times that I enjoyed most last year was when we were in the final week of Term 1, and I wanted to share a little bit of what I enjoy so much about the time on campus.

The Christmas tree light switch on happened yesterday – complete with performances from some of Warwick’s societies – which really kickstarted the festivity, as well as setting up our decorations at our house.

Decorating the flat was probably the best part of term 1 last year. Setting up early, we started in mid-November to put up the tree, lights, and decorations. Whilst it seems early, 25 days before the end of term left us chances to use advent calendars to count down to going home and a lot of time to decorate a large cardboard igloo that found its way into the corner of our common room. The resident tutors ran a competition for the most festive flat, which only spurred us on. Planning a large dinner for the flat was also a great way to spend time with my flat – we fed all 12 of us with fantastic food that was (somehow) cooked in one oven in our flat!

Other than flat festivities, there was another event that I really enjoyed which was the carol service hosted by the CU and also symphony orchestra/choral society (if memory serves). Some of my flat came along, as well as some friends from societies, to an event that was very festive and well attended. Being there, singing all the classic carols, and just getting to feel like Christmas was here (in early December) was such a treat to experience. The mince pies that accompanied this were just the cherry on the top – as well as the decorations across the Butterworth Hall.

Finally, one thing that I have been really looking forward to this Christmas at the end of term is the pantomime run by Panto society. While not necessarily completely affiliated with Christmas, it is something that I’ve associated with the season since I was young, and the chance to support a charity while watching a classic pantomime is a brilliant time and another great thing to go along with friends to.

Hopefully this blog has left you feeling inspired for the end of term as it approaches! The final weeks of term 1 were some of my best of last year, and I can’t wait to make just as many new memories this year!

Meredith x

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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