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Christmas Break on Campus

Christmas has always had a special buzz to it, even back in Malaysia. Hence, I was excited to know how it would be like over here in the UK.

During the long Christmas break, with almost everyone gone, the campus can be a very quiet and lonely place. However, it does not have to be that way! There is a Facebook group for students who are on campus during Christmas vacation. The group is used to update students about the events that takes place on campus during the break. Yes, there are events going on, even during the break.

There was a student lounge launch at the Chaplaincy. Basically, a lounge was set up at the Chaplaincy for the students’ use, even when other areas around campus were shut. Students can gather there to do some studying or even for a chat with their friends. During the launch, there were some festive nibbles, drinks, music and games. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the launch of the student lounge, but I did visit the chaplaincy a couple of times when I was bored in my room. The festive decorations were beautiful, and it had an amazing ambience. Honestly, I wished I had spent more time there. I could have met new people and made a couple of friends as well but instead, I chose to lock myself in the room and watch old Tamil movies all day long.

Then, there was also a Christmas dinner at the Dirty Duck filled with good food, Christmas quiz and other festive games. That was also another good opportunity to meet other students and make friends while also feasting on a great meal. Yes, you guessed it right. I did not attend the Christmas dinner as well because I had other work to be done, but I was pleasantly surprised with number of events taking place in campus during that time because it meant that if I ever got lonely at any point, I could always reach out for some companionship. It gave me a sense of warm assurance.

One of the main reasons behind my lack of participation in these events were due to the presence of my friend’s parents from Malaysia. They were here in Coventry for a week, which means I had amazing home-cooked Malaysian meal for a week. Honestly, this has been the highlight of my whole holiday so far because Malaysian food is the closest thing to home I’ve had in about 3 months.

I was in London on the 24 of December to celebrate Christmas with a couple of my friends there. It was truly tragic and unfortunate that I had to fall sick on Christmas Eve. I had a terrible headache and I could not attend church the next morning. That was disheartening because I really wanted to go to church but I could barely walk on Christmas morning. With that, I spent the entire day on bed. I know, I was devastated.

To be honest, spending Christmas break on campus is not as bad as it sounds. I had a decent holiday whilst being on campus. I was lucky enough to meet some friendly people at the library and chaplaincy. The snow covered the campus ground making for a beautiful scenery and I built my first ever Snowman. I also got to stay in my room and hibernate when it was cold. Not a good example but the cold weather did serious damage to my ability to be productive. (I am a weakling who succumbed to it.)

With that being said, I am looking forward to next term with great enthusiasm. I do miss the usual hectic daily routine that the term provides alongside the workload and the stress. Hoping that next year would be bring me much more closer to my goals and aspirations than this year did. 2017 has been amazing and I cannot wait to welcome 2018 with open arms.

Cheers, Sugheson.

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