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Christmas at Warwick

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Christmas at Warwick is a really great experience. Because of the structure of the university year, Term 1 ends around the second week of December and then everyone disperses home for the holidays. Like last year, I chose to stay at uni for a little longer than the end of term before coming home – you can read about why I chose to do this in one of my posts from last year – and it was just as successful this year in terms of getting work done. Several people stay for a little while, but as this varies a lot from person to person, all the celebrating with friends has to be done before the end of term, which means that Christmas celebrations last for pretty much the whole of December!

The diverse nature of the students at Warwick – who come from a whole range of countries and cultural backgrounds – means that everyone celebrates Christmas in different ways. For some, the coming of Christmas is an event which holds a religious significance, for others it’s more about family traditions they’ve grown up with, and for others it’s simply an excuse to get together with friends and celebrate the end of term!

To give you an idea of some of the events occurring on campus at this time of year, or ways you could celebrate with your friends, here are a few suggestions:

– Cook a Christmas dinner for your flatmates! Complex but a whole lot of fun, this is such a great way to bond with the people you live with. Alternatively, if you’re not feeling too adventurous in the kitchen, you can eat out at one of several venues on campus. Varsity does a Christmas menu for a few weeks, and some of the cafes and restaurants on campus cook full Christmas dinners on specific days. – If a Christmas roast isn’t your thing, you can still have a big celebratory meal with all of your friends at some of the other locations on campus. Check out Fusion if you’re looking for Asian food, Le Gusta for Middle Eastern influences, or head to the Dirty Duck for some good old pub grub. – But if Term 1 is proving too crazy for you, there’s always the chance to have a quick catch-up in Curiositea or Costa instead! – Attend the Carol Concert! The Christian Union usually hold a big carol concert towards the end of term where you will find lots of merry students singing along in between bites of mince pies whilst sporting colourful paper hats. -Head to the Theatre or the Cinema – there’s always lots going on in the Arts Centre, especially in the festive season, so whatever your budget (and don’t forget that Warwick students get a discounted price on most events) there’s sure to be something to entertain you! -Watch the Christmas lights being switched on! Warwick’s main Christmas tree is positioned outside of the Arts Centre, opposite the Piazza, and it is huge! From the moment the lights on the tree are switched on, you know that winter has truly arrived. -Go on a Christmas tree trail! This is completely made up by me rather than an official trail or anything, but as you wander around campus you will discover that there are Christmas trees everywhere of all shapes and sizes. Most departments have one so it’s fun to see how many you can spot.

Of course, this is just on campus, and is only a tiny selection of what you could do. If you venture further afield – such as to local Christmas markets – there’s obviously a whole lot more waiting for you!

Whatever you’ve been up to, or however you celebrate/don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re all having a joyful and relaxing break as we gear up for Term 2!

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

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