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Choosing your Warwick Accommodation

With exam revision probably dominating your life, stressing about University accommodation may seem an overwhelming task. I remember being in that same position in year 13, procrastinating from revision by looking on The Student Room as to which Warwick accommodation is the best. One has an ensuite, one has a nice interior and one has a great party vibe (#Rootes).

Rather than overwhelming you with a list of pros and cons, let us keep things simple. I live in Claycroft and you can call me biased, but I think this is a great place to stay at Warwick. In terms of price, it’s in the middle of the low to high range. As for the bathroom, you only have to share with one other person and I hardly ever have to wait.

Aside from these basic facts, you’re in halls of eight, but don’t worry if you think that’s a bit small, because you’ll probably make friends with people in the corridor just along yours (a highlight of term 1 was rolling two circular tables into one kitchen and having a mega Christmas dinner). Additionally, the location is brilliant: five minutes away from the Oculus, library and Maths building, plus only 5-10 minutes away from the piazza and wait for it…5 minutes away from Tesco’s – which is something I am incredibly grateful for.

Let’s also look at the other options available: for a more contemporary interior, you might want to pick e.g. Sherbourne, Bluebell, Cryfield Apartments or Cryfield Townhouses (most recently built). If you’re looking for centrality, then you can’t beat Whitefields, Arthur Vick and Rootes (plus places like Bluebell and Cryfield Village accommodation are relatively central).

Alternatively, if you think you’ll be using the Sports and Wellness hub (the unparalleled gym facility) frequently, then places like Lakeside, Heronbank and Sherbourne might be the right place for you.

Further to prioritising what you think is most important based on centrality, interiors and being near the gym (or Tesco’s), try and submit your choices sooner rather than later. But most importantly, don’t stress about University accommodation, because they all have advantages. If you fill out the form detailing your characteristics with honesty, then the Warwick Accommodation team will be sure to do a good job in matching you with others. I was fortunate in how they did an incredible job with the people I currently live with and this, by far, is the most important thing.


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