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Choosing your student house (2nd and 3rd year)

For both my second and third years at Warwick, I’ve been living in the same student house which has worked out perfectly. Personally, I prefer living in a student house with just a few others, but for some people they prefer halls where there are always lots of people around.

My student house is managed by Warwick Accommodation and I could not fault them at all and I strongly advise renting through them rather than private landlords. Insurance is included; no deposits are needed, let lengths are often term time only so rent is only paid for term times and from our experience they’ve repaired things speedily (I promise I’m not their sales representative).

In first-year, the group of us were initially set on living in Leamington Spa. After visiting several houses there (none of which we liked), coupled with the long bus journey, we decided to branch out and look at Earlsdon. We all warmed to the idea shortly after walking round the area. I would therefore suggest looking at a number of locations rather than fixing on one without seeing it.

The bus journey to campus takes around 15 minutes and you can walk to the centre of Coventry in around 20 minutes or get a bus for 5 minutes. The High Street has all I need, and I like how the cafes and restaurants are all independently run, barring Wetherspoons. It is a quiet area, but there are good links to Coventry centre and Leamington Spa. There are several parks a short walk away, which I plan to make use of during my breaks when I write up my research project next term.

Leamington Spa is the most popular location for Warwick students, so it is great for meeting friends. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, high-street shops, and nightclubs. The downside is that the bus journey from campus can be 40 minutes, and due to the popularity of the town it can mean waiting a while for buses. 

In terms of the house, definitely visit any property before signing any contract. Several houses in Leamington had 3 good sized rooms and one tiny box room which none of us wanted. Others were a fair walk from bus stops, were dark, cramped, or were on a busy road. Its also useful to chat to the current tenants and hear their views of the house. I would recommend checking the following:

Distance to the bus stop 

Good sized rooms, unless someone is willing to have a small room

Dining table (we were surprised to find that a lot of the houses didn’t have a table in the kitchen or living room)

Close to shops

Nearby places to park if you own a car

Storage space – especially in the kitchen it’s good to have lots of cupboard space, and a decent fridge/freezer so you don’t all have to shop multiple times

More than one bathroom is a bonus

What bills are included in the rent (for us it is just water)

I’ve grown to really like my student house and the area of Earlsdon and feel like I could not have made a better choice.


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