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Choosing your firm and insurance choices

With the UCAS deadline a day away for applicants, I thought I’d do a post for the students that have already maybe received back their offers and are deciding which ones to pick.

Even though you apply to five universities initially, you only get to pick one firm and one insurance choice when you receive back your offers. The purpose of these two choices in my understanding is that the firm choice is meant to be the university that you really want to go to. Your predicted grades should match the entry requirements of this university choice, whereas the insurance is meant to aid as a back up option, where in some cases you might still be asked for the same academic requirements. However, I think it’s wiser to go for one with a lower entry criteria.

It’s really hard to choose these two choices when maybe you haven’t decided for yourself where you want to go. The ultimate decision on this should be made by considering many different factors such as:

-if you’ll be based in the city or if it’s a campus university

-financial costs of accomodation

-managing cooking, house chores

– the course itself

-certain modules

-quota from previous years about employment likelihood


-league tables

And the list goes on. For many people their choices depend on what appeals to them the most and that is something you’d have to individually discover. This can be done by going to various open days/visit days, going to masterclasses etc. Sometimes you might just want to go to a specific university, because your friend is – that is perfectly fine as long as you do the research on the university itself. You don’t want to be spending £9k every year if you don’t like the university.

If any of you have questions regarding UCAS or applying to Warwick, I am happy to help.

Good luck with applications!

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