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Choosing your accommodation part 2

Follow-up to Choosing your accommodation part 1 from Life Sciences

Hello again and welcome to part two. There are just so many accomodations that I know about I couldn’t possibly fit it into one. As always I am basing these off word of mouth, mostly from friends. I was a first year in 2015/16 and so are most of the people I gathered the information from!

Redfern was for final year undergraduates when I was in first year so I only really got to peer in but we asked our resident tutor about it too. It was arranged in flats of 5-6 people. My resident tutor did say that the builiding itself wasn’t in the best condition but it was a good size. It was really close to the laundrette, well at least closer than Cryfield. The accomodation was really close to the Cryfield pitches where a lot of BUCs games are played on a Wednesday.

Rootes is stereotypically the party block with big kitchens, in my friend’s there was 16 people. That was in international house (a smaller version of Rootes). The blocks of Rootes have large kitchens to fit all of the residents in but everyone I know that lived there absolutley loved it! You don’t have to be a party person in Rootes, there was a quieter block and that is all down to the resident tutors assigning you to a kitchen with similar people. Rootes itself was one long corridor through 3 blocks so there was always someone around if you were bored

Sherbourne was arranged in flats with en suites when my friend lived there. The flat was still fairly large with ~10 people and there was a communal toilet (handy if you’re training at Lakeside when the surrounding accomodation is all en suite). They ordered their food shopping online and got it delivered so they didn’t have to walk across campus to get their food. But they were still ~6/7 minutes away from the centre of campus.

Tocil was the only place I know that didn’t have a sink in their room but the kitchen was only a few steps away. Instead of a table they ate at a breakfast bar and the block was separated into flats. Tocil was really close to the sports centre and Canon park which made shopping and exercising very simple. There was plently of bathrooms so there was always one free to shower/use. Each bathroom had just the one toilet and shower but there was 3/4 dotted around.

Westwood had a common room in every block where a lot of people socialised. My friend did end up sharing his room for a month while they were waiting to see if anyone dropped out so a room would be available. The walk to the Gibbet Hill campus was quite far and took ~30 minutes on a bad day. However, it was always a pleasant walk (when it wasn’t raining). Westwood was super close to the post room, athletics track and Westwood games hall (handy if you had an exam in there).

Whitefields was arranged in blocks with 12 people all sharing the one kitchen, which was quite small. The table to eat at was in it’s own room so it doubled as a social area. There was a toilet on each floor so it was shared between 6 people. The rooms were quite large but weren’t your standard rectangle shape, they often bent round a bit. There was a sink in the room so if you were upstairs you didn’t have to go down to the kitchen.

Overall, there is a range of accomodation and you will be happy wherever you get placed.

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