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Choosing your accommodation part 1

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So you’ve chosen Warwick as your firm/insurance but where do you want to live in your first year? It’s a hard decision and people base it on many different aspects. I went for what was cheapest since my loan wasn’t a lot, others go for en suite and some prefer smaller kitchens. Everywhere has wifi and toilets (no need to worry) plus Warwick Accommodation guarantee half a shelf in the fridge/freezer. Here are some of the different residences to choose from each with different let lengths and kitchen sizes. All of the following information is my (or a friend’s) experience with their accommodation.

The Arthur Vick kitchen I saw was the biggest I have been in and I think it was for 14 people. The en suite in my friend’s room was the envy for all of us who have to share a bathroom. The block I went into was very central with it only taking ~5 minutes to reach the centre of campus.

Bluebell was the most modern accommodation I have been into. The bed was just a little smaller than a double but definitely bigger than a single! The kitchen was a decent size and even had it’s own bean bags, great for relaxing. The only grievance I have heard from people is the kitchen was similar to a triangle in shape with one end being smaller than the other but they loved how their kitchen had a small number of people sharing it. They even got a full shelf in the fridge. There was a communal space in just one of the blocks so you could have your friends over without being cramped in a bedroom.

I have never been inside Claycroft but it was very close to Tesco. I used to be very jealous on my long walk there. The flat sizes looked smaller than what I had in my first year (my kitchen was for 10). Other people have said that there were ample bathrooms with a couple of people per toilet. So, they never had to wait for people to stop showering.

This is where I stayed in my first year. The rooms are a decent size with your own sink, brilliant for midnight thirst. There was a communal lounge with sofa’s, tables and chairs where I predominantly did my work so that I wasn’t stuck in my room all day. The corridors were just one long passageway as opposed to being in flats. My kitchen was quite small for 10 people but the same floor had massive kitchens for 14 people. The bathroom was shared between 5-6 people and I only had to wait to shower a couple of times. So, sharing wasn’t a bad experience!

Heronbank is another I have never been inside of. But I do know that it is really close to Lakeside courts that you could hire out for free. This would’ve been great for me since I train at Lakeside every Wednesday! It is quite a far walk from Canon Park but most people got food delivered. The one person that I know who was in Heronbank loved his en suite bathroom.

Jack Martin is very similar to Arthur Vick just with slightly smaller kitchens but there was hardly anyone in there cooking at the same time. There was slats in the room I went to that opened to allow a breeze which really cooled the room down in comparison to my window that only opened a couple of inches. The en suite was very useful showering after a paint party as you weren’t fighting to get in! The student I knew in there had to move his stuff out during Easter but he didn’t mind so much.

Lakeside was another block located close to the free to use courts. Only there was a big lake in the middle of the residences, great to walk around when I was early to training. There was also a communal study space with whiteboards in one of the blocks. The kitchens looked fairly small but it is organised into flats so I believe they are one of the less occupied kitchens on campus.

A word of advice: You never usually notice kitchen size since everyone eats at different times. It’s best to choose accommodation to fit with a budget so you aren’t having to save money on necessities. They arrange room based on personalities so the little bio you fill out is quite important! If you need to move out over any of the holidays there is usually a top box (you may need to bring your own lock) to store some items in so you don’t have to take out everything.

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