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Choosing third-year modules

In terms of how much I am enjoying them, I am really pleased with the modules I have chosen. For this blog, I thought I’d mention a bit more about the modules on offer and what I considered when choosing them.  

Each Life Sciences degree has core modules in Laboratories, the Research Project, and Assessments (imaginatively named). Any other core module(s) will depend on your specific degree course. There are 15 modules on offer, but how many choices you have depends on your specific degree course. Biological Sciences students are fortunate (or if you’re indecisive you may not see it that way) as we have just one other core module and 5 optional choices. Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences have 3 and 2 other core modules respectively. All information on the modules for third year are on the website: which also demonstrates the breadth of the modules available. This allows you to tailor your final year how you wish- for example, you can take an environmental orientated path which avoids anything relating to human health. My interests lie in a number of areas so my modules are varied, and are:

Extreme Environment Biology

Exploiting Innovation in Biology


Bioenergy and Biorefining

Protein Targeting

How did I narrow all the choices down?

Before registering for our modules, we had access to all module pages on Moodle. This meant that we could see the lecture slides and read any of the further reading, all in order to help us decide if we would like studying that module. With the exception of “Secondary Teaching in Biology”, I gave each module consideration.

In addition, I knew that I wanted my modules to be fairly well spread out across the two terms. I didn’t want to have one module running one term and five the next! I looked at the timetable to get a bit of an idea as to what modules ran when and as it happens, I was able to get a 50:50 split across the two terms just based on my interests.

You can change your mind until the end of January (as long as you haven’t taken some assessment already)

This was great for me because at the end of term 1, I realised that I wanted to learn more about non-human biology. When I had registered for my modules in October, I had chosen Integrative Neuroscience instead of Bioenergy and Biorefining. I am finding this module so interesting, probably because it is all very new to me, whereas I have studied a lot of neuroscience in the last two years.

How is the module assessed?

All my modules are assessed by an exam in April, (yes, I am aware that will be 6 exams!). It all depends on personal preference- I feel that my strengths lie more in revision and exam technique, rather than in writing long coursework assignments.

But, for those of you who prefer to be assessed throughout the year, there are several modules that offer this, but you will have to do some exams. For example, Science and Communication, and  Secondary Teaching in Biology. Likewise, there are the Interdisciplinary Modules which are open to students across the university, ranging from ‘Gender and Violence’ to ‘The Science of Music’.

Third year is a long way off for many of you, but this may give you some idea as to all the options that there are once you reach third year. By then, you’ll know better where your interests mainly lie.  

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