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Choosing the right university for you

Hi students/potential students, I thought I would write a blog about how to choose the right university for you and why I Warwick was right for me. There are many important aspects of university that you need to take into consideration when making a decision about your degree which I list here below:

  • The campus: depending on the type of person you are, campus can be a big consideration for many students. Obviously Warwick is a campus university, meaning it isn’t located within a city centre which has it advantages and disadvantages. Campus is absolutely gorgeous in summer, it is nice and quiet in comparison with non-campus university who have the business of the city. However there are multiple buses that go to Leamington Spa/Coventry where there are shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc., so it isn’t a problem.
  • The accomodation: obviously accomodation isn’t something you can choose however you can list preferences. For Warwick, if you like partying, Old/New Rootes and Bluebell are your places, but if you want quiet Claycroft, Tocil and Westwood are probably the best options. Sherbourne is quite expensive but top quality accomodation if you want somewhere fancy 🙂
  • The course: it is really important to attend as many open days as possible and ask as many questions you can, for example, what modules are on offer and how are you assessed (is it mainly exams or essays). Also talk to other students about their opinions/experiences of the course you are interested in during open days.
  • Contact hours: you might want to find out about how many teaching hours you will have a week because for those of you who feel like you need a lot of support, this could affect your choice.
  • The sorts of people: doing some research about the kind of people that go to specific university as this could help you get a feel of how you might fit into that uni. For example, Warwick has a lot of international students which is great for foreign students and students who are looking to make broader connections. I have made loads of friends who, in my free time and holiday time, I will go and visit.
  • Entry requirements: each university will have its own set of requirements and expectations therefore it is important to understand this and evaluate how your abilities match up to this. This may help you make a more realistic choice.
  • Extra curricular activities: so looking at the societies and sports teams available as well as potential job opportunities was especially important for me. I am part of Netball, Sociology Society, Warwick Volunteers, Student Blogging and I have a part-time job. There are absolutely loads of opportunities at Warwick university, for me that was one of the most appealing features.
  • try and find out what these university students are up to after they graduate from universities, this will very much depend on the degree level achieved and university ranking as these are very appealing for employers. Warwick is great for this because it is within the top 10 universities in the UK therefore very attractive on your CV.

These are just a few important things to think about when choosing university. I personally loved Warwick campus, I loved the vibe in terms of the sporting and society communities that warwick students have built and my course has a variety of different modules so it is unlikely that you won’t find something that is interesting to you. Any questions please let me know:

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