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Choosing the ‘right’ accommodation at Warwick

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Deciding the right accommodation for you can be difficult because there are so many different things to weigh up. There is something good about each accommodation, but also negatives to think about too. There is a large range of halls to choose from at Warwick, so make sure you do your research beforehand!

Before making my choices, I had a list of things that I looked for and wanted in my future accommodation. I prioritised somewhere that looked nice and was centrally located on campus because I knew I’d have to go in for my labs every week, and the prospect of walking 15+ minutes from Westwood was not something that appealed to me at all! I also really wanted an en suite room as I’ve always liked having my own space and privacy. Somewhere that was relatively quiet was an important factor too as I didn’t want to be kept up from the noise of flat parties during the weekdays because I had early lectures and labs. Being near to the social accommodations would be a bonus because not only is it convenient to get to, but it’s nice to go another flat and then come back to your own quiet and clean accommodation, rather than a Rootes kitchen…

I was super fortunate that I received my first-choice accommodation (Cryfield Townhouses). The selection process is luck-of-the-draw because I know a lot of my friends didn’t receive their top choice, and in fact received their last option. Cryfield Townhouses is located in the Cryfield Village and is the most modern and colourful accommodation to exist on campus. Honestly, I loved my room and the area because it was literally a minute walk away from the Student Union and about a 7-minute walk away from the library. You might be worried about the distance to supermarkets and food shops, but it wasn’t bad at all. It’s about a 15-20 minute walk, and as long as you’re with friends or listening to music on your journey, it is not as awful as you think it might be!

Arthur Vick (en suite, £££), Bluebell (en suite, £££), Claycroft (shared, ££), Jack Martin (en suite, £££), Rootes (shared, £), Tocil (shared, £) and Whitefields (shared, £)Cryfield Standard (shared, £), Cryfield Apartments (en suite, £££), Cryfield Townhouses (en suite, £££)Lakeside (en suite, ££), Heronbank (en suite ££), Sherbourne (en suite £££)Westwood (shared, £)

So, to sum up, here are a few questions and tips that I’d give you if you’re in the position as an incoming fresher:

  • Make a list of things you want your future accommodation to include
  • Think about location (e.g., if you prefer being centrally located on campus or slightly further out)
  • Think about what you can realistically afford and if it’s really worth paying a high price etc
  • Do you want/need an en suite or are you fine to share a bathroom
  • Would you rather have a quieter accommodation or a ‘party’ accommodation?

Hopefully this helps you with making your choices. I would urge you to take plenty of time considering all options because aside from the academic and social aspect of university, your accommodation experience forms a big part of your first year experience.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Jessica Man | Chemistry 3 year Variants Contact Jessica

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