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Choosing on-campus and off-campus accommodation

One of my favourite memories of my first year was being in halls. Words can’t describe just how exciting it was to suddenly be living in a completely new environment. Being surrounded by so many different people meant there was never a dull day!

At Warwick, most first years are guaranteed on-campus accommodation provided you submit your application before the deadline. When it is time to apply for accommodation, you will be asked to fill in a form where you rank 5 or so different accommodation options. If it’s the same now as when I applied, you will have to put a mix of shared bathroom and en-suite choices. There are more 10 different accommodation blocks (some just for post-grads), with varying flat sizes, let-lengths and prices so I would really recommend you do your research! You could consider the following factors when choosing your preferences:

  • Shared bathroom vs en-suite
  • Distance to central campus
  • Price
  • Number of people sharing a kitchen
  • Flat vs corridor style accommodation
  • 34 week let (term time + Christmas) vs 39 week let (term time + Christmas + Easter)

Personally, I was in Westwood which I absolutely loved! It has shared bathrooms, is formed of corridors, is one of the furthest from central campus, has about 12 to a kitchen, and I had a 39 week let. Westwood was my third choice, and I was initially concerned about sharing a bathroom. However, my worries were unfounded and I ended up having an incredible year there! I wouldn’t worry if you don’t get your top choice, as it really is the people you live with that makes all the difference.

To try and have like-minded people in each flat/corridor, at the same time as ranking your preferences there is also a short paragraph to write about what you are like as a person. These ideas may help you if you are struggling to start:

  • Do you party lots or prefer a quiet night in?
  • Are you a night owl or an early bird?
  • Are you a clean and tidy person or a little messier?
  • Do you plan on cooking lots/cooking with flatmates?
  • Would you prefer a quiet corridor or don’t mind a bit of noise?

From my experience, I was really pleased with the people I lived with, and I am even still living with some of them!

After the joys of living on campus in first year, most students move off-campus in their second, third and fourth years. This process can be intimidating. Since I have now gone through the process three times, I can honestly say it doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

First, there is into finding a house. Around week 5 of Term 1 people will start house-hunting, and after that it becomes a mad panic to find somewhere to live. Don’t get me wrong, getting a house sorted early is great. However, it is definitely not a necessity! There are good houses being put up for rent all year round, so all the houses aren’t going to go immediately. Personally, I think it is much more important to to live with – sharing a house off campus is very different to living in halls.

Students tend to either live in Leamington Spa or Coventry. Both places have their pros and cons so it’s worth reading some of the other student blogs and the Warwick Accommodation website for more information. I live in Leamington and have blogged about why I love it so much here.

Every year I get our housing contract checked by the SU Advice Centre. This lets one of the trained staff have a look over the agreement to check there are no dodgy clauses. It always gives me piece of mind that the contract is fine and makes me feel better when it comes to signing it.

For more information, there is lots of information on the Warwick Accommodation website and the Warwick SU Advice Centre website. I hope this has been helpful, but do leave a comment if you have any other questions!

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