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Choosing my Accommodation and my experience with Arthur Vick

Hello everybody!

During my first year, I lived in Arthur Vick Halls of Residence. In this blog I am going to answer the most frequently asked questions by prospectus students with regards to choosing Accommodation.

Just remember to choose the best accommodation for YOU.

What if I don’t get my first choice University? What happens to my accommodation choice then?

  • The University of Warwick was my second choice University – and I got my first choice accommodation. If Warwick is your first choice, you get to select your top 3 preferred Halls of Residence before those who have it as your insurance choice. But I am living proof that that doesn’t mean you don’t get your first choice accommodation if Warwick isn’t your firm choice. Plus, the standard of accommodation at Warwick is honestly really good. I wasn’t too concerned about whether I got into Arthur Vick, Jack Martin or Sherbourne. So you still get to choose your top 3 whether or not you have Warwick as your first choice.

What should I budget for when I move into Student Accommodation?

  • This is entirely up to you, but I made sure that my University room felt like home from day one. That meant I took items from home and also made a day out of an Ikea trip, where I got bedding, fairy lights, laptop stands etc. So I gave myself a little budget for my room. Another big aspect of budgeting is money for Freshers and, of course, food! I worked over Summer and so put little pockets of money to one side to make sure that I could enjoy Freshers and it not make a dent in the budget for the rest of term

What should my weekly budget be?

  • This can vary, from one person to the next, but I usually spend between £19 (my best to date!) and £30 a week on food. Some products such as washing powder, toothpaste, coffee and alcohol can last quite a while, but in the initial shop can bump the price up! So the food shop, plus transport (if you need it) plus any social things, I usually try to stick to £40- £50 a week.

What facilities do I want to be close to?

  • Warwick Campus is frequently referred to as a ‘bubble’ because it’s pretty compact. So if you end up being slightly further away from central campus, this is OK! But personally, living in Arthur Vick, I loved being so close to Rootes (the on-campus grocery store), the Gym, the Bus Interchange and a 15 minute walk from Tescos. But these are all things you can consider when you are weighing up what’s most important to you.

How do I get to places?

  • The Warwick ‘bubble’ does mean that the majority of places are a bus journey away. But there are so many buses constantly pulling in and out of the bus interchange. And they go all over the place! The most common buses are those heading to Leamington or Coventry, including the train stations. There are also lots of taxis around campus. Another perk of living near Tescos is that the MegaBus stops off and picks up there, so you can book cheap trips to go home, or even to explore with friends.

Do I need an ensuite?

  • This is something that is incredibly personal. I opted for an ensuite based on the fact I wasn’t sure what it would be like to be living in Halls and sharing a bathroom. But having moved into houses where I did not have a bathroom – it isn’t a problem in the slightest! This year, the three of us girls living together share the same bathroom and it causes zero problems.

Is it better to live all girls/boys?

  • During my first year I lived with girls and boys and really enjoyed it. Since then I have lived in a mixed house and an all girls house. So do what makes you feel comfortable. I found the mixture of girls and boys quite neutralising. But at the same time living with all girls is fun too!

Should I pay extra for a double bed?

  • Arthur Vick does not have double beds. But then I never had one before University either. For me, it was not abnormal to have a single bed so I didn’t miss it. If you feel like it’s something you would miss, or really would like, then weigh up the cost difference. It’s so important that you feel comfortable at University, so do what is best for you.

I feel very strongly that being happy at the start of University stems from your accommodation, so take your time to decide what’s best for you and remember that everyone is in the same boat!

I hope this helpful, please feel free to leave any questions in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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