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Choosing Modules

Module registration opened on the Monday just gone (which was also my 21 birthday woo woo) and in regards to now being in my 3 year, registering for modules was completely different to how I’ve had to tackle it in the previous years. Basically, in 1 and 2 year I didn’t really get much choice when picking my modules in Psychology. This was good as it ensured that I got a taster of everything and I could figure out what areas of Psychology I did and didn’t like – I now know that I don’t enjoy Statistics and Biology topics haha. It also provided me with a basis of knowledge that I can apply to various areas of Psychology, so I currently have a good foundation of knowledge. Whereas now in my 3 year, I get to pick all of my modules! I must have 120 CATS as a minimum, and 30 of those CATS will be formed from my 3 year project (dissertation), therefore that leaves me with the ability to pick 6 modules (each worthy of 15 CATS).

I would highly recommend using your free time in term 3 of Year 2 (when exams are over) and your Summer break to research into all the available modules and deciding on your final 6. We had a meeting in term 3 of Year 2 where different lecturers came to briefly talk about their module and provide some information. From this meeting, I wrote down notes and a final point of whether I would want to study this module. The mistake I made however was that for many of the modules I wrote ‘maybe’ (I am very indecisive) – which left me with more decision making to do this week when registration opened! Ideally, I should have finalised my decisions over the Summer but I was so busy with my internship and other things that I completely forgot about it. Therefore, if you finalise your module choices before registration opens, you can easily submit your choices and you won’t have to rush your decision.

I went with choosing 3 modules that are taught in term 1 and 3 modules that are taught in term 2 – I did consider choosing 4 modules in term 1 and 2 modules in term 2 in the hopes that the free time I’ll have in term 2 I can use for my project. However, I feel like I’ll get too overwhelmed with the heavy workload in term 1 so I disregarded that choice, although everyone is different! It highly depends on what modules you are attracted to, which ones you really want to study and which ones will aid you in your career progression.

The deadline for module registration does end in mid-October, so you can always attend the initial lectures of all of the modules and then make your final decision of which ones you want to choose. I considered doing this, however I was quite confident in my decision therefore I was happy to submit. Also, I kind of wanted to have my personalised timetable and seminar groups sorted before term 1 starts! How are the rest of you from Psychology finding module selection? Also, I am curious how the format is for other subjects? Please do leave your tips and advice in the comments below!

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