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Choosing a University- What to Consider?

There is so much information around telling you what factors to consider when choosing a university, and it can be really daunting! As I went through the process just last year (how time has flown by!) I thought I would share a few top tips that helped me to decide the right place for me!

1. Course

Hands down, the most important thing when choosing a uni is to make sure the course is right for you. Speaking from experience, Warwick is one of very few universities that offer a joint honours Maths and Physics course, and so my uni applications were for both “Maths and Physics “ and “Maths with Physics”. It took a lot of thought to work out whether I wanted to study the two subjects in equal measures or favour Maths, so if you are in a similar position, don’t rush! You will be studying the course for three- or more- years, and so you really have to be passionate about it. Even if the course has a reputation for being tricky, or a bit unusual, or the grade boundaries are high, don’t let that put you off- you deserve to be studying something that excites you! For more info about the Maths and Physics course, read my previous blog post here.

2. Campus or city

A lot of my friends stayed in Sheffield to go to university and are having a brilliant time there. Going to university in a city is different to studying on a campus like Warwick, and which one is better depends on the person. With city universities, there are a wide range of facilities like pubs, clubs and restaurants around, along with different faculties, halls of residences and libraries spread across the town. Campuses are like small, compacted cities, with everything clustered together and a strong community feel. It’s worth considering where you would feel the most comfortable.

3. Societies, sports and work experience

Getting involved in societies and sports clubs is often cited as being the best thing about uni, and they are a fab way of meeting like-minded people, making new friends, trying new things or continuing old hobbies. It’s worth checking out on the university websites what sorts of societies and sports clubs are on offer, as well as what work experience and volunteering opportunities there are. It’s never too early to start thinking about future careers!

4. It’s your life!

At the end of the day, the decision is down to you. Talking to friends, family members and teachers is good to get a general idea, but the final decision has to be yours. This may sound scary, and choosing a uni is a big decision, but it is also the start of the most exciting part of your life!

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought and will perhaps help you make a decision, but if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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