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Cheap BBQ chicken recipe

I have decided to change things up a bit and today, I am posting a recipe!

My third year has been so busy and stressful (much like most students). I was working and volunteering and studying for my degree. I didn’t have time to cook. I was buying microwave pouch rice on my way to University and eating out A LOT. I was so scared to check my bank account because all of the money I was spending.

Towards the end of the term, I decided that it was enough! I started to cook every other day, store my food in containers, and bring it onto campus with me. I feel a lot happier and healthier eating good food that I have cooked. Therefore, I thought I would share my favourite and easiest recipe with everyone!


–        Fresh chicken legs

–        BBQ sauce

–        Salt and pepper


–        Chicken, 750g pack from Tesco, £1.24

–        BBQ sauce, 1 bottle from Tesco, £1.00

–        (This is potentially cheaper at Aldi!)


1)     Preheat the oven for 5 minutes at 170 degrees.

2)     Open the chicken pack and empty it onto a greased with oil or lined with tin foil baking dish.

3)     Pour your BBQ sauce over the chicken and mix it in with your hands till all the chicken is covered.

4)     Bake the chicken for 35 – 40 minutes.

Seasoning the chicken

Ø  I have only included two ingredients for simplicity. However, to deepen the flavour, here are a few suggestions:

o   BBQ sauce with 2 spoonful’s of honey

o   BBQ sauce with chilli powder, mixed herbs and garlic

o   BBQ sauce with lemon juice and garlic

Ø  I tend to use whatever herbs and seasonings I have in the cupboard. Also, I season my chicken intuitively and put as much seasoning as I want. 

Top tips

1)     Do not wash the chicken if you have bought it fresh from the supermarket. Washing chicken makes it more likely for you to be food poisoned.

2)     Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Before you touch the chicken after you touch it.

3)     If unsure about whether the chicken is cooked, cut the chicken through the middle with a knife. If blood comes out, then it is not cooked yet.

4)     If you want to take the chicken out with you, put it in a container and in an insulated lunch bag. There are many fridges on campus where you can store your food (i.e. Chaplaincy and some common rooms) and microwaves to reheat your food (i.e. University House Learning Grid, common rooms, Chaplaincy). 


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    Very nice simple and student friendly thanks for sharing


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