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Changing world

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Trigger warning, this is kind of deep.

For me it is not currently about left or right. It’s about looking realistically at the problems our society faces and will face in the future.

We are living in an age of constant change. We’ve been told this countless times and it seems to always culminate in disaster, one way or another. I want to try to highlight that yes we do face a lot of problems, but human beings are inherently innovative. You just have to look at the last 150 years to see the proof of this. Globalisation, IVF, Mass-production. 2.6 billion people gained access to cleaner water since 1990! Human lives have been transformed. We can do incredible things if we have the right people at the helm.

Some of these changes are daunting, and our first reaction is to shut our eyes, scroll past and pretend it’s not happening. But I don’t advocate this, even though I am guilty. The past 60 years have shown increasing concern, amongst the general population (us) and the scientific community (people that can save us), about the effects of climate change. On the other hand, the political community seems to be happy to use this looming fate as a tool to gain voters, whilst not actually acting on our views [to an extent that is acceptable].

The , courtesy of the people that can save us. We can create a future for our children that is similar to this one, but only if the people deciding how we live make certain decisions. We feel we are powerless; we feel like we can make no impact. We can, but we can only do it together.

Swiftly moving on!

Some of these changes are more subtle. They are the things swept under the rug, left behind by our busy daily lives. I want to talk briefly about inequality, and specifically an opinion that I have. I believe Inequality fuels things like the climate crisis, as well as hate-crime and poor mental-health I could go on but will refrain in an attempt to keep you reading.

Inequality is something that doesn’t have to exist. I believe that through building communities and actually considering the full scope of policies inequality can be driven back to an extent that it is not felt by those who were once left behind. I do not advocate for a society in which everyone is the same, but I do believe that everyone deserves a baseline. Opportunities to progress through life without having to achieve the impossible. Access to good, diverse education (life education y’all) and healthcare* systems first and foremost.

Aaaand that’s enough for today

I’ve already stretched this one quite far, into areas I’m not familiar with, so will stop here. I hope you’ve taken something away from reading this, and happy voting on Thursday!

In this general election, which will govern the 5 most important years of the planets and humans’ life, your vote matters now more than ever. Progressive policies are what we need right now. We need radical thinking. I hear a lot of Oh I could never vote for them because of that chat. Please do not use it as an excuse to vote blindly. If you don’t know why you’re voting for a party, don’t bother voting for them.

*Quick side-note. When healthcare is mentioned I get the impression everyone assumes doctors and nurses to treat your physical ailments. Healthcare is much more than this. It’s also giving people the opportunity to talk, to express themselves, to release whatever it is that has been held inside. This doesn’t necessarily mean hospitals and wards. It means community centres and grassroots community projects that bring people together and forge human connection.

AustraliaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Billy Dyer | Chemistry (with Industrial Placement) Contact Billy

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